I am sharing my covid-19 laser cut design

I’m having the same issue. How did you fix it? What should the dimensions be?
Cool mask thanks!

nice try 3d printing the hole grills. so you can replace the filters when ever you want.

scale to fit

Try using elastic hair ties the big ones that are 5 or six inches, cut the loop and use that in place of rubber bands. you can get them at a dollar store or use a scarf for the ladies.

take a 8 by 10 piece of paper place it in the forge, then scale it out until 1 inch on both sides of ear hole, foam is cheap experiment.

Craft foam works best, overthinking can ruin it foam and hot glue. use clothes pins to help hold it while hot.

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funny now I’m making masks, and taking donations we are doing fine after our governor came to visit to much work.


I have Celastic and I do not have craft foam, Celastic acts like cardboard until it gets wet with acetone, and becomes wet cloth til it dries, then acts like tough plastic. The tricky part is the filters, and I think open-cell foam with its complex "tunnels"would work better than similar pore size cloth but do not have atm.

@Livein3D found a source for straight N95 material. yay :boom:

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That was his promise. Interesting to see how well he kept that,

About filtration, other posts here have used or talked about using HVAC air filters.
I will also give this a try by cutting them to fit these masks.
A little more info, HVAC filters have a MERV rating and here is a graphic to help explain.
I work in manufacturing where we are required to have some clean rooms.
General areas require at minimum a MERV 11 rating and labs a MERV 13.
The other factor for mask use will be breath-ability. Again, other posts on this site have talked about that as well.


You may find filters (like 3M) that have a Microparticle Performance Rating and a MPR of 2100 or 2200 is equivalent to a MERV 13. They’re about $20 each for a 20"x20" HEPA HVAC filter.

I got these from Amazon, because it is the same size for my home AC and I needed some anyway. :grinning:

:slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know why some manufacturers use particulate ratings & some MERV ratings. And typically don’t have an equivalency chart to let you know what the rating is. Probably just to make it hard for a consumer to shop around for better prices :yum:

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you totally answered your own question.

kind of like in a grocery store, where one package shows “price per ounce” and another package of the same thing shows “price per lb”. or worse, a price per metric unit.


Or be totally off on the number as calling the pound price and calling it the oz or reverse. or instead of raising the price, all the labels are the same but what was a pound is now 14 oz.

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I’m going to play with the wood piece thats holding it in now so I can “lock” it in place. That way it is removable instead of permanent

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I worked out a way to do a bayonet lock by having an engraved circle to half the thickness and cutting “ears” out and flipping the inner part so the “ears” were up like so…


Way to go, great design and congrats on the visit from the governor! Keep it up!

I know I’m gonna feel like an idiot when you answer this, but why are there 8 of the round clips? I can see on @usmccorps4life 's version, he put the clips inside the mask and out, but that still only accounts for 4, unless you are layering them?

I assumed he was just batching more than one mask at a time and was making multiple masks parts at once. I also changed the design, where he has 2 different sizes and I evened it out and duplicated them. I also added about 4 times the amount of circles for the filter holes to allow for friction holds on the filter

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