I am unable to upload anything

I just got a notification letting me know I need to upgrade to the $50/monthly Premium , now nothing will upload and basically have not been able to use the machine. Anyone else have this issue?

You should be able to upload your own designs without Premium. Can you show us a screenshot of what it’s telling you when you try to upload a design from your device?

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It just doesn’t do anything when I hit the upload, I am trying to upload my own file the way I always do.

Your machine shows offline according to your photo.


This should say “Ready” when you’re connected


it was off, but I usually don’t turn it on until I’m ready to print, I am usually able to place my designs without it being on. I just turned it on and it’s the same issue


Ah! Sorry, I thought you meant upload to the laser (to print), not just to the GFUI. I do note that your browser has an update - possibly that’s messing with it?



OMG, Thanks so much!!! I was so stressed! I bet that’s it. Thank you!!


Yup that was it. You are the best!!! thanks!!!


thanks to everyone for your time


Good spot @deirdrebeth !

Glad to hear you’re good to go and our community was able to assist @irenealejandro2007 - please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help in the future.