I can't believe I did not see this before

sigh… Not sure what bee you have in your bonnet, but whatever.


They may very well have gotten their machines but just haven’t updated the spreadsheet. Yet another reason you can’t put too much weight on what you see there. It should have a big disclaimer at the top that says “FOR AMUSEMENT PURPOSES ONLY!” :wink:


Never! ha ha

No, they can’t access your account. The folks that have done this, have data mined information that has been posted to the forum at some point but buried in traffic, and taken it upon themselves to add it to the spreadsheet so it’s more readily seen. Commonly known as doxing.

It’s only a big deal because people still continue harping on about order dates and delivery order, and they use that spreadsheet as their ammunition/proof. Some folks don’t want to be a part of that noise and that should be OK.

But folks gotta stop giving themselves anxiety over that spreadsheet because there’s 9,000+ people who are NOT represented on it.


And cheapen my false sense of importance as guardian of the spreadsheet? I don’t think so. :laughing:

Seriously though, I’ve recently added a ‘just for fun’ bit in the banner, but hasn’t changed much.



“Don’t use the spreadsheet because not everyone has used the spreadsheet!”


and remember that more Pro units were sold compared to basics!


I’ve personally waited all I can for my pro. I can say this because it arrived last night. Hold out hope guys and make sure you clear a lot of space. And really really don’t trust the spreadsheet. I say this as someone with a pro propped on the first giant flat surface I could find and get near a window and get the tube out the window. Despite spreadsheet warnings and UPS shipping warnings. It’s never too early to prepare for receiving your unit.


I had never heard of Doxing until Dan mentioned it but I don’t think this classes as Doxing. I believe it means unmasking people’s real identity by researching what they have put on the web under an alias. For example working out that NopHead is Christopher Palmer, which is possible with Google.

Recording that ihermit2 received his Pro isn’t Doxing because he freely gave that information on a public forum.


i agree that it’s definitely stretching the definition of doxing, at best.

i can see why people might be uncomfortable with other people aggregating their data in a public spreadsheet for them, but doxing would be the wrong word to describe it.


Im not here to argue semantics, call it bubblegumming, I don’t care.

If people wanted their info on an aggregate spreadsheet they would have done it themselves. It’s not up to some random person to target specific people, dig through 6 month old posts to find dates, and add it. That’s malicious intent.

And that’s happened even AFTER said person repeatedly removed their info from the spreadsheet. Someone re-entered it, multiple times.


To be fair mate, you cannot claim you don’t want to argue semantics and then start laying down a definition of Malicious Intent.

Either you DO want to argue semantics and make your claim of 'malicious intent’
Or you DON’T want to argue semantics because you over-sold doxing.

Otherwise i couldn’t care less, said 2 years ago that if Glowforge held their cards to their chest it was going to be a nasty few months as Deliveries started… seen it before and will see it again.
However, for a crowd that seem to be able to understand kerf down to tenths of a millimetre there is a lot of baseless speculation and finger-pointing and it is really getting tedious to watch.


I will agree with you it’s all tedious.


again, stretching the definition, i think.

probably shouldn’t have been done. Dan asked that it not be done anymore and, from what i gather, it’s not.

i’m not a fan or defender of the spreadsheet, but i don’t think there was malicious intent with people populating it with information about others they found. i think they were trying to build data that they could extrapolate from. i think they overreached doing it, but implying (or outright stating) that they intended maliciously to injure in some way (mentally?) the people whose information was entered into the spreadsheet is a bit overboard.


I get what you’re saying but said person had to remove their info from the spreadsheet 3 times, possibly more, because someone else kept adding it. Is one time not enough for somebody to figure it out?

I know @cbarker was intending for this purely for the fun of us sharing but some people had to weaponize it. I’m sure it would have been a different outcome had anonymous edits been disallowed, because google docs track the names of every single person that changes anything and makes everyone accountable.

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That is a bummer that you thought you were close to getting your machine, and figured out that you were maybe still a bit off. On the positive side, when it does arrive, it will be an awesome PRO machine!!! I love my basic machine, but I am already wishing I had upgraded. Please post your projects and inspirations!


I often forget when looking at the spreadsheet that there are a lot of international orders, explaining many of the gaps in the day one and two notifications. Also there are probably a few people in the day one or two who added their info, but haven’t kept it up to date.

Still hoping for some large plugs of Pro e-mails to come through!

My sympathies to those with international orders.


that’s uncool. not sure malicious, but definitely being a douche.


NO! Say it isn’t so! :open_mouth:

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Looking at a sampling of the unfilled spaces in the first day, a number of those users do not appear to have been back to the forum since filling out their info on the sheet. Perhaps they have received them.