I created a file from scratch by drawings for board game

I created a file so I can’t convert it to vector, if anybody help just let me know.

Why not? If you want help with something you need to include a whole lot more info.

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Lots of people convert their drawings to vectors.

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Which app you designed it in would be a start. There’s a wealth of knowledge in this community.

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do i need a special program forit

What app did you create it in? We have no idea what you are trying to do so you need to tell us everything.

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With a bit more info we can help you get started, but I wanted to share these resources in case you hadn’t seen them. It has all kinds of info including really good links at the bottom concerning designing for the laser and designing vectors.

Any chances you have a picture of what you’re trying to do?

There are two basic types of drawing programs, bitmap and vector. In bitmap drawings, the image is composed of bits, or small squares – if you enlarge it, you can see the squares get bigger, and the edges start to look jagged. In vector drawings, the images are comprised of lines and nodes. If you enlarge them they look exactly the same as the smaller version.

Some drawing programs can attempt to trace the edges of bitmap images to create a vector version. I’ve found it’s usually better to just trace it manually, so you can put the lines exactly where you want them.

thank and I will try them

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