I desperately need support

Having contacted Support AND posting on here about my GF being stuck in calibration, turns out I need a new lead for the lid which is causing the problems (went through a lot of things first and several pics to get to this). Last email I got from Support was to say they needed my details and that the cost of shipping to UK not covered so would have to pay. I sent me details straight away then NOTHING. I NEED my GF to work for my business and have outstanding orders. @danshapiro what is the deal here? Please help.

While you don’t want to hear this, GF is not responsible for your orders and your business. Use this as a prompt to come up with an alternate plan, either to let your customers know their orders will be delayed, come up with your refund plan, or develop a plan for an additional unit or farming out the orders to someone else. Every tool will break at some point. A business should always have a backup plan, either an emergency fund to pay to get the unit repaired within a set timeframe or to have a backup unit or backup service.

GF will get back to you. Opening a topic here also emailed support again, so now they have to go over this in addition to your previous communication and determine what needs to be acted on, which will delay their response. If you have been in email communication with them please check your SPAM folder and follow up via the same email thread to eliminate duplication. It may be that they are working on your problem but don’t have any information for you just yet, or you have missed something from them in your SPAM folder, or they are just busy and haven’t been able to process your request yet. You will need to be patient. If the support chat option is available on the GF website, this may be a faster way of getting an immediate response, but this forum is usually answered by other users first and it can take several days for support to reply.


If you need some cutting doing in the UK I might be able to help you, I’m based in Gloucester, but we could post stuff… PM me if that is useful to you.


Thanks for that - appreciated. We are in Northumberland. Support has come back to me with the shipping fee (£56.81) so hopefully will get sent out today. Fingers crossed we should get it pretty soon. Just hope this cable sorts the issues.

Thanks for your reply Ben. I understand where you are coming from. It’s just frustrating when any kind’ve equipment goes down. We also have an XCarve but can get parts in the UK rather than waiting from the US. Support have come back and payment made for shipping the lead to the UK. Just hope is gets sent out soon.


if it’s not too late, since shipping is so expensive and they’re not always super fast to respond with problems/support, it might be worth ordering two. you never know.

For the shipping charge, I would. It shouldn’t increase much, if any, to add another one in there.

Definitely. I can send stuff to the UK next day air for that price. The able probably weighs all of 3 ounces :roll_eyes:


Thanks guys but it has already shipped. Tracking says I should receive next Thursday 29th August by end of day. I just hope this will rectify the problem.

I’m glad your shipment is on the way! Since we’ve taken care of this by email I’m going to close this thread. Please be sure to let us know if you have any other questions once you’re part arrives.