I don't need this

I have a feeling some of you don’t need this either:


Didn’t oddjob have one of these in the bond movies?

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Looks like fun!

I would love to see some undoctored footage of it firing …

i saw the youtube video yesterday. and agreed, the video of the action is… annoying. we all know it doesn’t make a “pew pew” noise like that. and the one time you can see it fire more than 1-2, it’s the out of focus shot of them hitting the can. but there were a lot of off-target discs there.

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I wonder how long it will take till someone figures out how to turn it into something lethal?

The crazy people at beyond the press did that already.


I was thinking throwing stars at 6 per second (even encased in foam), while pretending it was a toy :roll_eyes:

oh no, ha

Just…YIKES. :grimacing:

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At least half of the advertisement staff used safety glasses.
I would imagine those were the ones who had actually been in a small area with junk zooming all around.

Yes. I don’t need that very very badly.

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Could put out more than an eye :grimacing:

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