I found this

Hi fellow GF owners.

Recently I’ve been cutting with no problems at all but I found these on the side of the honeycomb tray when I removed to clean the machine.

I just ran it again and no alignment problems or something malfunctioning.

Any ideas of where it came from?
It’s just a little O Ring


That just fell off of The Carriage securing mechanism that it shipped with nothing to worry about.


Wow good to know… thx pal.


@markevans36301 is fancy in his language! They fell off the little red screw in locks that you removed when you unpacked.


Yes, that is exactly what I meant to say, I have this thing, almost a disability, where I am “fancy in my language”. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the detailed photo of the component you found! @markevans36301, thank you for the diagnosis (and the fancy language!) I think you’re correct about the part. @zerflo, just to be on the safe side, would you mind checking each knob which held you laser arm in place during shipping and verify if one of the washers is missing? Then, please keep the washer with your other Glowforge packaging in case you ever need it for transport or shipping. I’ve attached a picture of the knob.

Please let us know what you find. Thank you!


Haha, i want it. Is it contagious?


Thank you… I’ll report later today.


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Hi there! Just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to see if one of your washers was missing from your shipping kit?

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Hi!.. sorry for the late answer.

I’ve been looking for the shipping kit and I think I left it on the original box (which is in storage RN), so I’m not sure if it’s missing from there. but I believe everything points to the same answer.

Nothing to worry about.

Thanks ya’ll!

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I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other problem, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!