I got the golden email and planning my life accordingly!

I got my email last Friday (10/13/17) for my GlowForge Pro, but I haven’t revived a tracking number for it yet. Does anyone know about when I’ll get the tracking number so I can make sure I’m home when it arrives?

Also, I was wondering what I should buy in order to prepare my work space for my GF. I’m getting a special table made for it that’ll hold all my plastic and I plan on buying a small fire extinguisher and a vent fan.

What are some recommendations that you guys use?

Thanks in advance! (I’m so grateful to everyone who is so helpful here!!)


Don’t count on getting a tracking number from Glowforge. In my case I didn’t get it until the day before delivery. Some people haven’t received it until after delivery, or not at all.

Instead sign up for UPS My Choice®. This will give you a calendar of upcoming UPS deliveries to your house. It’s free.


These small fire extinguishers are on sale for $9.99 until October 31. If you have an Ace Hardware store near you, you can pick it up for free. I think shipping is another $11.95, so I picked mine up. If this link doesn’t work, put 87892 in the search box.


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Life? You will have no life for at least a month after you get your forge lol


There are quite a few good tips in this thread:

There are several similar threads across the forum, but I don’t have time to search them all. Still, this should hopefully help to give a good starting point! :slight_smile:


@tim1724 I signed up for an account! So far I don’t see anything planned. Maybe it takes a while to register with my account? I live in an apartment so I’m not quite sure where they will deliver it to.

@rotors Thank you!! This makes it totally affordable!

@takitus Oh yes! I am almost considering taking off time from work… :thinking:

@Drea Thank you! This really helps!

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For us Canadians whose shipping to the USA mailbox, My Choice won’t work because they are for residentials My mailbox is a commercial address.

I was hoping to warn them a week before about a big 70 lb box before it shows up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No you wouldn’t see GF on the UPS site for a week or two. Has to leave the factory first.


Ohh. That makes sense! Thanks!

I took time off work, and I only regretted not taking more.


If only humans didn’t need to sleep…


Sleep sounds like something the competition does.


Chemical extinguishers like these will indeed put out small fires, but they are highly corrosive to electronics (such as the innards of a GF). CO2 bottles will save the electronics, but the thermal shock of the expanding CO2 is likely to break the laser tube. Some of us have invested (~$120 US) in Halotron bottles which are safe for electronics.

In my thinking, it was the difference between saving the house or saving the house and the GF. :wink:

:Edited to add link and update price



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Good info. I’m more in the “it will never happen to me, but I’ll have this fire extinguisher just in case” camp. I figure if I have a Glowforge-related fire, I’ll be in the room and able to take care of it without spraying the extinguisher directly into the Glowforge. If not, then saving the Glowforge is a distant second to saving the house. Not the best place to try to save money, but the minimal risk that I’ve calculated by just making things up in my head makes me confident that the cheap extinguisher will be fine.


Do you think 2.5 is enough or the larger size would be better? (I never had to use one before so no idea )

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2.5 should be enough to put out anything in or around the GF. That being said, YMMV, as the materials involved represent a huge unknown.


If you live in Northern California, UPS MyChoice may tell you it’s coming tomorrow. If you live on the East Coast you’ll have most of a week to prepare. It will ship UPS ground. If you go to the link below you can enter your zip code and a zip code for Sunnyvale CA (where the Flex factory is) and it will tell the estimated shipping time. So far I believe all of the proofgrade has shipped from TN.

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Dry chemical fire extinguishers like that are HIGHLY corrosive and WILL damage your GlowForge. I would HIGHLY recommend something like these:

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So would one of the hand held units work? I found one and it’s about $30 called the SS20