I guess it's finally my turn to have a problem: Yellow Button

Had my Pro for about 8 months with absolutely no problems. Turned it on this afternoon and the dreaded yellow button happened.

  • I’ve turned the unit on and off several times with lid closed, lid open, UI open and UI closed. When the UI is open it LID OPEN when I power on the unit with the lid open. When powered on with the lid closed is shows FOCUSING.
  • I’ve cleaned the camera lens, the lenses on the head and the home lens.
  • I’ve checked the cable going into the head, disconnected it, sprayed contact cleaner on the pins and into the cable, reattached cable making sure it clicked into seat.
  • I read a post on how to extract the logs (turn on unit and hold the button down for 10 seconds until it turns teal, then going into pc wifi settings and connecting to the glowforge). I’ve sent the logs to GF HQ but have not heard back yet.
  • I’ve checked everything I can think of including removing the tray and making sure it is properly seated.
  • It is vented to the outdoors using the in-line fan. Outside temp is 60 degrees and sunny (but no sun directly on the unit). Inside temp is 68 degrees.

I currently have the unit on in case GF HQ wants to remotely access the unit, but I would like to get it working if I can.

Any thoughts on what else can be tried?

Glowforge HQ got back to me via email. They said that they made some changes on their end and to turn off unit, wait at least 10 seconds then turn on. Wait 2 minutes for changes to download. If the button turns anything but white let them know.
Well, after turning back on it went back to yellow in just a few seconds. Basically no change.

For future reference, posting here in P&S starts another support ticket, so if you’ve already emailed, they’ll come along and close this one to declutter the support queue. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your yellow button issue!

Thanks for the info.

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I have the same issue on my Glowforge Pro, which is stuck on calibration phase (scanning, focusing, homing, etc), no yellow button though, and already checked the same things that you did, plus the 5 connectors of the cables in the lid. I wrote a message to HQ and I haven’t heard back.
I really would like to figure this out!

Oh! I forgot to add that when I turn it on and it’s calibrating, the head arm keeps pushing back even though it’s fully back.!

You should start your own thread here in P&S – posting in this area opens a support ticket, and for obvious reasons there can only be one customer per support ticket. :slight_smile:

Just curious if you resolved your issue since I am having the same issue with exact same response from Glowforge HQ.

Latest contact was late yesterday at 8:32PM EST. "Thanks for sending those logs over. I wanted to give you an update to let you know our engineers are currently investigating this issue and we hope to have more information very soon.

I’ll follow up just as soon as I know more.

All the best,"

Hoping to hear more this morning and get this resolved. I’ll post any solution.

Thank you so much! I’m eager to see if the problem can be fixed easily or if it is more serious. I’m getting worried since I have not heard from support since about 7pm last night.

I’m still waiting also

Just a quick thought to be sure of, Any stray magnetic field or anything that interferes with the fan, or the sensor to tell if there is an issue will create that issue, When the head is removed there are four pins that go from the head to the fan
via a plate the pins sit on and might be dirty and interfere

Since we’re already working with you via email, I’m going to close this thread so we can keep the updates to one channel. I apologize for the trouble, and thank you for your patience while we continue looking into it. I’ll follow up via email as soon as I have more information.