I had an idea… until I priced out the materials…

I want to create a small stool and I designed it specifically for transparent orange acrylic sheets (1/8"), but it could really be anything since I can just slice the design differently. The problem is that material cost is way too high at about $600. I realized I had already messed up before I even shopped for sheets: I’m a completely ignorant twit.

I haven’t given up on acrylic sheets, but I need to redesign… I had this design in my head and didn’t even consider the actual usable dimensions of the Glowforge™… nor did I take into account the standard sheet sizes for these acrylic sheets. Seems I can’t just buy a sheet that takes up 100% of the usable bed dimensions. How are people using acrylic sheets and what sizes do you buy? Are you buying large and manually trimming to fit? Or do you know of any providers with appropriate sizes? Moreover, if I’m liking the transparent orange look, what’s my second material choice I should be considering?


Clear acrylic is cheaper than colored in my experience. You could possibly apply color between the layers or use a few colored sheets strategically within the clear.


Excellent. I didn’t think of layering/alternating. That gets the gears turning. :smiley:

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Specifically: Using the orange transparent only on the outside/visible parts and keep the core parts clear. I think the effect would be pretty much identical or “good enough” to pass.

Proofgrade fits the bed, but you could also check your local plastic distributor and/or signage shops. Their off-cuts are often right in the range to fit the glowforge and tend to be far cheaper that retail. I invested in a Dremel Saw-Pro to cut scrap down to precise GF-friendly pieces, but there are many ways to accomplish the same thing.


Delvie’s Plastics does a sheet that’s close (12x24) and their pricing is good…shipping is what gets expensive. They custom cut stuff for me but that may be because I’m local and just ordering/picking up in person. It may be worth emailing them to see if you can get the sheets cut to fit your GF bed.

Their fluorescent orange is nice stuff…I did all of my library signage out of it. If you don’t want the neon look, they also have a transparent orange that is nice.


Glowforge is selling properly-sized acrylic sheets. No transparent except for clear yet. But orange opaque is currently selling for $9.50 USD for 12"x20" sheets.

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Aww, thanks, everybody. Apparently I need to sharpen my shopping skills. (And just be smarter about designing at the start.)

Do you mean this Dremel tool? I just realized that I do not have a good way to cut down big sheets of thin material too… I think a 9" saw is probably the wrong tool for ripping down acrylic!

I am not sure where are you located. I get my acrylic from CrownPlastics. Big sheets, never more than $150 to $200 Look for local vendors.


Close – that’s the 6 amp version. I found a deal at Amazon for the 7.5 amp version with a canvas bag, etc. Currently $99, but I grabbed it at $79 right after my PRU arrived.


i have one of these that make it quick & easy to cut down 24" standard stuff into 20" GF material.

I got it for a flooring project but it’s not just for flooring :slight_smile:

It will do 15" wide x 3/4" thick material.


Oh my, that’s nice! My little shop might need one! :slightly_smiling_face:

Something I learned the hard way about fluorescent acrylic is that in order for the edges to glow, light has to strike it on the flat side. In other words, if you stack sheets of acrylic, only the outermost ones will have that nice glow on the edges.


It’s a nice little saw. Lightweight and really portable. Like an upside down table saw. Safer & less intimidating than a table saw too. I got mine at Home Depot or Lowes.

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As to cutting down stock, I wish I would have bought a decent bandsaw years ago. Well worth it for any maker.

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One of our other glowforge friends here has shared this company with us before… $8.50 for 12x24 fluoro orange.



You can get 4’x8’ acrylic sheets for way less from piedmont plastics. a 1/8" clear is under $100. Thicker and colored adds a little more, but youll probably be paying no more than $250 for fluorescent colored acrylic 1/4" thick.