I have a friggin' laser! ( 3D fractal engraving )

After all these months with Major TOM I still wake up and immediately think, “OMG I own a friggin’ laser!!” I collect interesting images and laser them for no other reason than becasue they are pretty and I like looking at them. So last night around midnight I was looking at these gorgeous fractal images and then spent the next 4 hours adjusting the images and getting them lasered just becasue :slight_smile:

Thanks @dan and your great team for the amazing machine sitting in my living room and all the pretty things covering my shelves. In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d own a laser, and yet here she sits :hearts:

3D engraved PF Maple hardwood. (Basswood would have been better, but I was all out. :-/ )

3D engraved on draftboard.
I made a mistake and listed the regular DB as THICK. Even with the different focal height, it still came out pretty great.


Really really nice. Laser all the things!


Very nice results.

I think giving the wrong PG won’t actually affect the focal height unless you set the focal height in each op manually. It’ll still measure the distance to one point and use that as the focus distance.

It may affect the PG engrave settings, but perhaps only 3D engrave since theoretically you want the same surface result. Easy enough to check.

The one thing it would affect for sure is the optical alignment. The bed image would be scaled incorrectly.

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The detail you get amazes me.
You’ve been posting things for a bit, and I always think to myself, "Holy cow that’s incredible!"
I’m always surprised.
Again, beautiful work.


Yeah I did one a few weeks back and folks at work love it (along the lines hey do you sell these). I have a few more great pictures saved just not cut yet.

These look fantastic :slight_smile:

It is the depth the images create that is a real game-changer.
The options that come with say, dry-brushing or side-lighting could take it up even one more notch.

Really amazing results I am going to need to go digging again for the fractal software I have not touched in a while


Thank you for sharing the awesome things you make with your laser! Hope you got some sleep after this. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan. :slight_smile: And sleep is overrated when you have a laser.


Oh wow! You continue to amaze!

Scary kewl! :sunglasses::+1:

So many times, in so many ways…you speak my minds words. I’m going to run out of space for all the cool things I have been making…many times for none other than the reason that I can.

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Soo little time… soo many things that BEG to be lasered! We can sleep when we’re dead…:sunglasses:

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So sweet…what type of file was it?

Sleep is for the ones with no laser in there life


Yessssssss. I’ve been thinking about tackling some Mandelbrot/Julia stuff in a more topographic layered vein but I gotta say these engraves look pretty fantastic.

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These are spectacular! the detail is mind boggling . :smile:

A good thread to revive I came to add the source of one of the oldest freeware programs on the internet here,

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