I have issues remembering birthdays

I have issues remembering birthdays.

So, I started looking for a birthday calendar, from my search I was only finding ones that have small round name and date tags hung with string or wire. Well I have 4 daughters, with 4 husbands and 16 grand kid’s (love em all) O and one wife I could not imagine what a small gust of wind would do the tags.
Because I have used this site many times for information, inspiration and help that I wanted to give something back.
So, I created my first project from scratch hope you enjoy.
I used 3 mm Baltic birch for this no finish.

If you have issues completing this please feel free to contact me .

Family Birthdays to post

Sorry I did mean to post the picture also.

Assembly instructions.docx (145.2 KB)


Thanks for the share! How is it put together? I don’t have any issues remembering birthdays, but my dad always forgets mine :rofl: He actually called me this year on my birthday just to chat, but he completely forgot my actual birthday. And he has WAY less kids and grandkids.


Looks like a great project - so thanks for the share. Can you share a photo of the finished calendar to give us a better idea of what it looks like?


Kind of you to share!

Thank you this will definitely keep me from the dog house with my kids…

The sliding slot idea is brilliant! Thanks!

I had similar thoughts about the little hanging tags, while they are super cute I absolutely love this idea! I am always forgetting birthdays and this would be super easy to glance at, place anywhere and be a helpful reminder :slight_smile: Thanks a BUNCH for sharing!! Love it!!

Thank you my family is growing too