I just paid £42 to received the STARTER PACK - This is insane

UPS just came at my door and asked me to pay £42 in tax to just receive a box with no indication of what it was apart from the fact that is was from Glowforge!

I was so excited thinking it’s my actual Glowforge but no! It was just the proofgrade materials!
This is insane - after waiting for so long I was just asked to pay even more money to get one package I was not expecting and not my Glowforge.

I am so unhappy right now and feel so cheated.

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It’s just logical. I also had today the visit from UPS for the same delivery.

For every product buyed overseas, there are custom duties based on the value of the delivery (except when you buy on a site borderline with laws (like chinese site).

It has been mentionned many times. I know approximatively those costs for glowforge (52 euros for proofgrade and 500 euros for the glowforge). With the conversion, it will be quite similar for you.

It’s a wallet breaker for everyone but as it says “Dura lex se lex”.

As noted elsewhere - the cost of the materials is deducted from your final glowforge pack - wher eyou can expect to pay £450 duty for a basic

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I’m so sorry for the confusion @marc.simon1. While the $150 of Proofgrade Materials is a gift, your government may charge duties, taxes and VAT on the shipment.

As @sqw mentioned, we have reduced the invoice that ships with your Glowforge by $150, and included an invoice with your Proofgrade materials that reflects their $150 retail value (even though we gave them to you for free with your purchase).