I like this community

Since getting my GF, I haven’t had much opportunity to use it—of course now that I have it, I have too much else happening to enjoy it much. But, now that it’s starting to get a little bit chillier here in PA (at least some mornings), I had to move the GF into the house from the garage workshop that I am currently outfitting.

@ajvince whipped up one of these covers for me to keep the GF looking dust free.

With some of the negativity here periodically, and in other online forums often constantly, it’s nice to be able to connect with real people. This community reminds me of my younger days pre-Internet, when shareware groups and bulletin board systems could actually result in real friendships. I like it.


What part of PA are you in? We’re in State College. Ours was ordered on Oct 14 so we have a while to wait. How do you like your machine so far?


What a nice thing! (And the cover looks fantastic!)

I like the community too. :grinning:


Glad you came in…many great friendships have been forged here…lol


I wholeheartedly agree!


Lehigh Valley here. I really like the GF, but I have a whole list of potential projects that I haven’t been able to try yet.


Love the art on your wall, above the GF!


My wife and I moved out West from Up Da Valley (Wilkes-Barre) and I went to school at PSU (Born North of Pittsburgh, so I kind lived all over the state excepting Philly). Lot of great, kind, lovely people in that state. Also I miss fall foliage. :frowning:


That was totally my wife. I come home from travel for work and there’s new art appearing everywhere.


We moved here last fall from the Jersey Shore (not the TV show) for my wife to take a new job. I haven’t spent much time exploring the area, since I travel so much, but I definitely do not miss the NJ traffic and crowds.


You can always visit Jersey Shore without the NJ traffic and crowds. You also will have to do without the ocean. And New Jersey…


Lived at the Shore for 16 of the last 19 years within 5 miles of the ocean, and I was at the beach twice; because I didn’t care for the traffic or crowds. Of course my father has a boat in the area which meant I never had to go to the beach to enjoy the water. And, I am a private pilot so I used to enjoy flying over the crowds quite a bit (above minimum safe altitudes :slight_smile:). My wife and I would go to the Outer Banks of NC when we wanted to enjoy the beach.

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Any chance you can post a clearer head-on photo of that? I might actually want to attempt forging that pattern on something :slight_smile:

Oh, man… You’re on the other side of the state! Might as well be in California! :slight_smile:
I’m about 45 mins south of @jbpa in Pottstown, myself.


I’m originally from Mount Carmel but went to PSU and stayed. I agree that driving across the state is rough. Pittsburgh is only 2.5 hours away but feels like it’s 5!

It is 5 for me. :slight_smile:
Well, 4.5 if the troopers don’t mind my speed.


This community likes you too! :slight_smile:

That cover is amazing. I can’t wait to see your work.


NO … the other side of the state is Erie and I’m 10 miles further west of Erie on Lake Erie itself.


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And I thought NJ was bad about the continuous debates of what makes up north, central and south NJ–and the arguments over whether or not central NJ actually exists.

BTW: just mentioning… You are on the center line of the Total Solar Eclipse in 7 years. Erie is the closest to me for that (266 miles). Will have to have a backup plan though considering the dodgy weather up there in early April. The last one was amazing.