I Like To Make Stuff | Glowforge (Prerelease) Laser Engraver Overview




I Like To Make Stuff review of pre-release GF

A happy review from a happy user :+1:


I love that he engraves something on the board with the laser… then cuts it out with a bandsaw.


Something like a review. 99.9% it’s all good. I’m sure there were shortcomings or things he didn’t like but he didn’t mention anything negative. So it’s a review in the same sense of one I might publish. Wouldn’t have a problem talking about major problems but see no benefit to go on about things that just fall into the irritation category. Especially issues they can be fixed through S/W updates. Though probably should have made it more clear about functions that are not yet ready for prime time. Like the focusing across curved surfaces or the stitching pro-pass through capabilities.


really enjoyed it @iliketomakestuff. thanks for taking the time to make this and share it. Looking forward to seeing what the pro will do when it finally gets here. (sooooo looking forward… :smile: )


Also what he said about engraving metals was incorrect. He said it would engrave most metals except steel. I think the only metal it can actually engrave is stainless steel. All other metals it can only mark with Cermark or similar.


You’re right, but I’ve foud most people tend to confuse marking with engraving when it comes to metal.


Since he “knew” it was going to take a couple of years of development when he first ordered I wish he’d told Glowforge that. Otherwise great job as always.


@iliketomakestuff … That was a fantastic overview and review! (Best one I’ve seen at explaining what’s going on.) :squeeee: :squeeee: :squeeee:


Pretty sure titanium too…


It only marks titanium I think, but without needing Cermark, but I don’t count that as engraving. It actually melts stainless steel.


Great review! Thanks for sharing.
And I’m pretty sure he said it would engrave aluminum and brass. May be mistaken.


I believe heat from laser + titanium + oxygen produces various oxidation layers of color change. I’ve seen blues, yellows/golds, and pinks/purples in the mix. I suspect due to amount of heat and availability of oxygen.

I do wonder which other metals oxidize with heat. And I must confess to having little to no understanding of the processes that would be required to heat color metals.


Makes me wonder how introducing oxygen to the intake might affect the patina. I love the colors titanium produces.
An oxygen enriched atmosphere would present an enhanced environment for combustion, but that wouldn’t be an issue with most metal.
Having seen a class D fire, I would never even think about trying to do anything with magnesium.


Even though there wasn’t much lasing (not sure if that’s a word, but I like it) happening, this was by far the most/best explanation of the Glowforge I’ve seen yet. Great video Bob.


Great review, I loved seeing some hand lettering being engraved on a glowforge!


Nice review but that hand calligraphy turned out wonderful!


Excellent. Best review I have seen so far. So much energy and detail. A little unclear about the use of color or black and gray when it comes to cutting and scoring.


Yes he seemed to imply the colour of vectors sets the cut depth but I thought it just decides which group it goes in and you can assign whatever operation you want. Does a certain colour default to scoring instead of cutting?


Sat down for lunch in front of the TV and fired up YouTube. This was the first recommended video for me. @iliketomakestuff did a great job explaining what the Glowforge can do. I have to agree with @rpegg that it would feel more balanced if it wasn’t 99% positive but it’s a great review of what there is to love about it.