I LOVE Acrylic!

Disclaimer: I made these for Christmas Gifts for family members ONLY. I am NOT selling them or selling the file I made to cut them.

I have been making alot of stuff using acrylic lately. It has become one of my favorite materials.
(Sorry for the overhead light glare and reflections)


Amazing work!


Your pieces are very beautiful!


These look amazing! How are you gluing them together?


The bottom layer is wood or MDF (cut to the same shape). Black is the outline. I discard all the “inside” pieces since all I want is the outline. I use inkscape to separate all the different colors. Using red for example, I cut out the whole pattern again in red acrylic so each piece is in the correct spot (like a jigsaw puzzle). Before removing it from the Glowforge, I use masking tape to keep all the cut pieces attached to the sheet, and gently remove and place it on the table on top of another board. I remove the masking tape I placed to hold it all together and slowly lift off the sheet, leaving the pieces exactly in place on the board, then one at a time, remove the masking on each piece and place it it in the correct place in the black border. Since the pieces are laying on the board exactly as they are in the black outline, it’s easy to know where the pieces go. Repeat until all colors are inserted. I place another board on top, hold tightly, and slowly turn the whole thing over. Then I use spray-on glue on the wooden cut out piece and place it on top of the “now upside down” project, line it up and let it dry.
It takes time, but this way, I dont have to try to glue each piece in one at a time.
You can also just start with the black outline upside down and place each piece in (flipping each piece over of course) but I found this more difficult actually.
Of couse, all of this isn’t necessary if there are only a few pieces… but that spiderman had several hundred I think, and some were so small I had to use tweezers!

There may be a simpler way, but this is the way I’ve been doing these that have lots of pieces.

Sorry… I didn’t realize I just wrote a book!


Wow, really amazing pieces! Especially that Spider-Man. My brain reels trying to think about all the tiny parts fitting together.


They all look so great. Are you adjusting for kerf on the inlays? I may have to try a couple of these!


Great work! Love that Spidey!


Love a good process description. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.


That is some beautiful, intricate work. Kudos!


medical radiology guy? eh


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These look amazing. Thanks for sharing your process!


Great gifts I’m sure they will love them!


Wow, those are really great!


Love these! Very inspirational … and great write-up!


No. Some of the very small pieces have have a TINY gap. Not even noticeable unless you look real close at it. The rest fit perfectly.
Personally, with the stuff I make, kerf isn’t a concern, with a few exceptions.


Wow, super nice!!

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I was making something similar, and when I flipped it over to glue the back piece on… well, lets just say it didn’t go well. About 3/4 th of the pieces fell out and went everywhere.
My table and floor were a sea of small, colored pieces of acrylic.
I cried.
For about 5 minutes.
I Thought about what I just did for a few minutes.
Then cried some more.
I got up. Brushed pieces of acrylic off my shirt and pants, left my shop and went inside the house made a big bacon sandwich.
It was good. It was very good.
Bacon is always good.
I then cried some more.
About an hour later, I then went back to the shop and picked up all the pieces and started over.

(This story may contain slight exaggerated content and is meant for entertainment purposes only)


Wonderful results of your efforts!

Thanks for the confirmation that I am not alone in this struggle.



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