I’m New!

I just received my Glowforge Pro, yay! My first question is how do y’all decide on a price for whatever you are making? Thanks!

Hey, congrats on the new Glowforge, it’s a lot of fun. It’s so funny, this has come up twice in the last week already.

I searched the forum for you (the little magnifying glass in the upper right), looking for “how to price” and found a few threads.

Good luck with your pricing adventure, it’s tricky balance. We all look forward to seeing what you make. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fun zone!

I’m sure you will get numerous different answers to this, but I generally search on Etsy to see what other people are selling their similar stuff for, and try to beat it. Lol. Got to take into account material cost and design time. Though, if it is something that I expect to sell a lot of… like christmas ornaments, etc, I usually don’t worry about the design time.

Good luck.

Thanks so much! I am also learning to navigate this page, so I apologize for bringing up a subject that has already been addressed. I appreciate you and thank you so much!

No worries, there’s a lot to sift through. It would have taken you quite a while to stumble onto those discussions.

Here’s a good getting started primer:

I know research is boooring, but every minute you spend reading stuff now will save you at least ten minutes of frustration later. Get a snack and a drink and settle in, it’s worth the time.


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