I made a Book Press

I love beautiful machines! That is spectacular

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I am speechless. Wow, it is absolutely beautiful.

That is beautiful!

A thing of beauty! Your attention to detail is remarkable.

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My first thought was missed a chance for Press On Press Off.
Does not align itself in a Celtic direction, though, so probably a good thing you have not been binging old movies like some of us.

Overall an epic piece and it is functional to boot. Good job…

Incredible! :smiley: :heart_eyes:

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Wow, both functional and beautiful. Double win!

That is absolutely one of the coolest things ever! What a fantastic job, and it looks stunning. That’ll definitely make your bookbinding more joyful, as you get to see something so beautiful every time you bind a book!


OMG!!! That is capital A awesome!!!

Wooh! Pretty! Great work!!!

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Beautifully done!

I’m sure it would come as no surprise that this would not be an inexpensive addition to your library, but I am absolutely willing to either enter a discussion for either the purchase of this press, or the commissioning of a second one specifically for you. Interestingly enough, commissioning a second press would probably be more economical as long as the design remains the same since it will take me a bit less hours to create now that I have done it once. And as a bonus- the sayings/text on the top could be changed or customized to your liking with zero impact to the overall cost of the piece, as changing that text requires no real vector work and as such is absolutely negligible in terms of additional time invested.

If you’d like to speak more about the prospect of purchasing either this press or commissioning another, send me a DM and we can continue the conversation!

(Even if you don’t, the thought of someone desiring something I’ve created as a work of art really has made my day, so I appreciate your kind words :slight_smile: )


Your book press is another reason why I did not have children-- to spoil myself and purchase one of a kind art— to be cherished and respected until the day I take my last breath.

I will PM you later.


What the literal F is this?! This is gorgeous! Simply stunning!

Incredible work, and I’m definitely coming back to watch the video. Amazing work!

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This is beautiful!!! Awesome job!

Just incredible! I’m amazed and inspired.

Absolutely fascinating!

Did you ever see a tool and you didn’t know what it was, but you knew you wanted it? Looks amazing. Your attention to detail is evident!

Very “impressive.” Pun intended, but sincere.


I saw what you did there