I made a game table



So, the biggest reason that I bought a Glowforge Pro, other than peer pressure, was for making gaming components. I have a circle of friends that loves to game, as well as brain storm. This comes in handy when you have friends that pay for other creation items like a resin 3D printer, or a programmer that develops 3D scanning tech. While sitting around and staring at how thick the manuals for A&A were for a full 4-board game, I had a short and sweet thought that the game would best be played on a surface that could hold all the pieces, and not suffer from someone accidentally nudging the table. Of course, the short term answer was a 4x8 piece of plywood that, indeed, did hold all the components, but sadly, did not prevent any accidental nudging. In fact, the shabby table promoted such tom-foolery.

Having been one that goes to conventions like GenCon, I have seen other examples of immaculate tabeltry. I have access to many kinds of tools, but a cnc laser was one that was not at my extended fingertips. blah blah blah… I signed on for a Glowforge. Now, with the ever looming deadline yet again approaching, I come back to the threads and get my hopes up in the anticipation to squander my already elusive hours by sitting in front of my computer and creating designs for all parts, pieces, and aspects of game design and prototyping. Luckily, while I was waiting for my Glowforge, I spent the time in the shop finishing the original idea that I had. Making a game table big enough, and sturdy enough for a full game of A&A. So, I went to the store, bought some MDF and some sheets of birch plywood, and built a table from idea to creation without so much as a piece of paper or plan in my head. Now, there are definitely mistakes, but I was happy with the first run.

I’ll… stop rambling. I’m at work, and come back to write a sentence or two then go back to work. I realize this leaves horrible structure and flow, so I’ll keep the comments around here and just say: Here’s the table I built!

EDIT: Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention, I definitely pulled a rookie error and did not stack the photos in an ‘acceptable’ way on Imgur. Meh. People can scroll for the finished project :smiley:


Wow, that’s incredible! :grinning:


great job, i bet the compartments come in really handy. plus, great that no dice can flee.


That is epic!. Wonderful job.


Yeah, the idea was to make all the drawers dice bins. So, each station could have a pen/paper drawer, and a dice rolling ‘cup’. However, when I got the finer details of the project, I chose poor wood for the drawers. The dovetails ended up holding, but the small boards warped.


Thank you! Nothing like 60 working hours rolled into 13 months…


Best part is, I even have friends that can join to USE the table. hahahaa


Fine piece of crafting there! Beautiful piece of furniture.
Thanks for sharing that with us :+1::sunglasses:


great hinged-fold-down sections on the sides. Really nice work!



Awesome job!


SKILLZ! That is awesome!


It’s beautiful. Made me think of Mark Twain’s game room in his house in Connecticut. Simply beautiful.

Would also go well in the fancy eatin’ room.


Nice build! I have it in mind to build a game table from scratch one day. Loved all the “Legos as tools” that I saw, whether they be sanding blocks or drying stands!


Just, WOW!


Amazing work! Are those USB charging ports in each if the stations?!


I’m not that sort of gamer but that is a really well-done design!




This is on my list of dream projects for sure! I love board games and D&D. Cant wait to do something similar


Yeah, I originally was going to make the entire table USB 3.0 compatible, but then passed on it due to price and application. I have some further plans for a projector… we use the table for some RPG games. I want to be able to use Google maps and some overlays to create terrains for games.