I made a maze designer app

I made a maze designer application to create mazes on my glowforge. It’s a tool that generates SVG blueprints for toy mazes that you can cut out with a laser cutter. Link below and in the video description.

demo: https://youtu.be/4fWBe2R-6Nw

app: https://adashrod.github.io/LaserCutMazes


Ohmygosh, that is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for the software. I hope a computer non nerd like me can figure out how to install it. Or is it web based? I’m on my iPad so I can’t check right now.

Edit— nevermind, I just checked and it is web based. Thanks!

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Awesome! :grinning:

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That looks like fun. Thank you.

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Oh my goodness! I wish I could run and try this right now! Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

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That is wicked cool!!! I see not getting my work done tomorrow…lol. Must play instead. :joy:

(OK, sorry, couldn’t help it)
Small suggestion: You link to glowforge.com on the maze page… consider using your referral link (you can look it up at https://glowforge.com/referrals) so we pay you up to $500 if someone buys a Glowforge.

Also, you may want to post this on free-laser-designs so people can find it. Super cool!


This is amazing. Now to design an acrylic case so the ball bearing doesn’t fall out. This is absolutely fantastic thanks!


Super Fun! Nice Job!


Thanks for the suggestions, Dan! Will do.


Great share Aaron! Thank you. :sunglasses:


So good. And so generous of you.

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