I Make Art With Science Magic And Fire

So, I have been a very busy kitty since I got my GF. It is my precious baby and I only maybe love it more than my husband. :wink:

These are some of the pieces I’ve worked on in the short time I’ve had my machine. All of them are my own artwork unless otherwise stated. I sell my work on clothing and prints and whatnot at anime (Japanese cartoon) and comic conventions as well as online. Taking my manufacturing into my own hands has been a dream forever and it’s the next step in building my empire of cute randomness.

And uhm, I don’t want to spam but if anyone likes my design I can be found at nekocreations.com and Redirecting... mostly :slight_smile:

This is one of my more recent designs. I was mostly playing around with different power settings. Testing how things worked on the proofgrade and if I used the same settings on some stuff I got for free at my local hardware store. :slight_smile:

Older design of mine. She’s called Hush. I’m not 100% satisfied with this piece. The free stuff I got doesn’t darken the way I wanted it too, it just goes deeper. I think it has something to do with the inner layer being a softer wood. Cool for some stuff but not quite what I was going for. No masking cause I was a lazy thing.

This one I actually did before the other two above. My Elf Nouveau girl. The first one in the photo by the phone was my first attempt at using the 3D engrave. I just changed my artwork to monochrome and let it do it’s thing, no real editing. It’s much darker than the other because I’m also playing with clear coating things. Anyways…

The other one beside it is after I made some adjustments to my art with the laser in mind. Left all the settings the same but basically adjusted which things see what levels of gray and went from there. My husband loves this piece. :wink:

This is one of the many things I’ve made for my mom-law. :smiley: Our mailbox met an untimely demise… via snowplow… on repeat… so we bought a new. We share a driveway and a mailbox with mom and she LOVES bears so I decided to make her a little something special. This is an inch thick piece of pine we got at Menards. This was my first time lasering without the crumb tray and my first time doing something in two pieces.

When I first loaded the design, the camera couldn’t see the whole area so I did the top address and the bear and the paws and then I turned it upside down, did the same to the bottom address and went from there. :slight_smile: we’re hanging it up soon. My husband has just the place where it won’t get murderified by snow plow.

The bear silhouette with the trees inside is not my idea. I just saw it on the internet and redrew it in my own style.

These! This was actually my first paid job on the laser. There’s a car dealership next door and the woman who runs it is also starting a tiki bar and brewery and canoe rental… yeah I know… anyways she wanted keychains and she got them. Over 200. She really wanted the fired up look from the unmasked wood but we later sanded the letters on the canoe keychains so the words were a little bit lighter. The car logo is my client’s design. The canoe one is mine.

This last one is a bit like the elf one. The bigger one is just me taking one of my designs and converting it to grayscale/monochrome. No editing beyond that and seeing what happens. The second one is after some editing with the laser in mind. Future keychains for my next convention.

So far I really love my machine. It’s going to help me take over the world. Mwahahaha!


Thanks for sharing your artworks. Lots to like!


While I appreciate it when anyone posts a project using the most basic design skills that the Glowforge enhances, when an artist of with your chops posts, it is such a treat. Thanks for sharing.

While I am not a big consumer of anime, I do appreciate the art form. I think of it in terms of the Gibson Girls in the early 20th Century, an exploration of the ideal and creativity of design.


:heart: diversification lol


Beautiful work. I really like your style!


Boats and bars seem to go together, until they do not.
We always had people tie up at the fish camp from a rental downstream, without knowing the tide phase or not knowing it existed.
Had to go out and help them float a few when they tied it hard to a cypress root (instead of a slack line) and the tide came in.

Tiki bar, Brewery, and Canoe rentals. Got some stories in your future.


Wow this is some amazing work!


Really nice work! Onward to world domination!


I think your art would be fabulous in any medium. It’s great to see you applying it to wood in the laser. Can’t wait to see what you do with tile!


Your characters are great, that larger Elf Nouveau print is especially on point!


Your husband is clearly a smart man - that’s just gorgeous -I can’t decide between it and Hush!
I don’t see either of those particular designs on your site, do you have/plan to ever offer either of those?


Obviously the elf is exquisite, but I’m a sucker for an octopus wearing glasses. Shhh, don’t startle the octopus.


Wow beautiful artwork!! Looking forward to see more work from you!


A delightful post! I love Hush … and the mailbox sign! The bear is so nice.

Yes, when an artist posts … it’s a far step above … and fun! Those of us that make boxes, organizational items, coasters, etc. … we’re having fun … but, would love to be able to create art.


Oh gosh, thank you so much, everyone! I’ve been watching this forum since a year before I got my GF and you’ve all been teaching me so much. Being able use my art like this- it just makes me so happy and I can’t wait to do more!

@marmak3261 what you said means so much to me. Thank you.

@jbmanning5 and @brokendrum Yeah… it’s going to be interesting. Bonus points, the canoes are clear and have led lights in the frames so you can see whatever fish and stuff you don’t scare away. :slight_smile:

@cynd11 !!! I know! I’m waiting to get my hands on some to play with here soon.

@deirdrebeth Ah, thank you! The elf isn’t in the store yet but I just put my minion on it. Hush is but not on a lot of stuff. If you see any particular thing you’d like to see/have those designs on just let me know. :wink: Recently I brought a friend on board who’s helping me getting all the different artworks onto all the different products so I can spend more time drawing.

@ptodd Oh I think what you’re doing absolutely is art as well! It’s going beyond a flat surface and bringing your ideas to life! I’ve found so much inspiration in this forum even from seemingly small and simple things. It’s just all so amazing to me!

Thank you again, everyone! I’m so glad I posted. I have another piece I’m working on tonight with a coyote coming out of a lotus and winding around a dream catcher. If all goes well I’ll make sure to post it in here!


If that appeared on a non-black t-shirt it would come home :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of your art!


Amazing. I cant wait to get mine up and running.

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@deirdrebeth Gimmie about a day and consider it done. :wink:

@eztz13 You’re going to love it! I often find myself looking for excuses to laser things. That old bookcase in my living room… we’re gonna get rid of it cause the bottom is molded but suddenly those shelves and the backing are looking like pretty nice material to play around with… I’m even going to thrift shops move to what laserable treasures I can find!


Woot! SO looking forward to receiving :smiley:

It arrived last week, but this has been my first chance to wear it. Love!

Also, thank you for picking full length shirts!