I moved my glowgfore to another location and cant connect to wifi

i brought my glowforge to my moms house to show her .
i cannot connect to her wifi
ive tried to restart with no luck
noticed glowforge has factory name and the name i gave it is not the same

did you by some change restore to factory settings?


no i dont think so

Also make sure the wifi at your Mom’s house has 2.5GHz option (you may have to go into the provider’s site to set up a channel (? forget the term) for that. Though if comcast/xfinity, they may default to the “combined” that they claim is better as each device decides what it want to use & you would have to call them to change that. But stick to separate so you can specify 2.5 to run the GF–alas it’s picky and may not run properly if not on 2.5…).

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im back home. i am still not able to connect to wifi.

i have been through setting up wifi set up again.
it says the hoozah message my computer is connected to my glowforge, and tells me to choose wifi network and then stops.
when i open my designs it still says offline,
support has no phone number to call.
i have a fundraiser coming up .

if i did resore to factory settings how do i get wifi again?

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have tried this multiple times. still says offline.

did it ever say setup complete?

No .
I stops doing anything.

If you’ve followed the steps as documented and as shown in the video, then it’s possible your machine will need to be replaced. You should email support.

I note they’ve removed the email address and want you to use a ‘contact us’ form now. The phone number is listed right below that.

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