I mustache this question


Did someone at glowforge HQ use this crumb tray to make eyebrow stencils?
Look in the bottom middle…

If so, thats hilarious, and awesome.


That looks like most of the outline from the Glowforge ruler that Marion made with his pre-release.



I’m pretty sure they were cutting snow goggles….

You know because of all the snow Seattle gets…


Well I snagged it from the unboxing video, so unless he did a switcheroo… but you might be right. maybe someone at gf sent that design to him and tested it beforehand.

If you watch the video though, it does have little downward spikes on the ends.
maybe thats an optical illusion from the honeycomb


Hey – don’t laugh! they are threatening snow for Monday :slight_smile:


No laughing here… I’m 200 miles North of you and had to cut out my snow goggles by hand two weeks ago… Next year’s model will be made on the Glowforge…:grin:


Maybe a fan of Last Man on Earth wanted to copy Tandy’s fake eyebrows?


Yeah – going to be up in Bellingham this weekend (about 100 miles south of you). Hoping they are wrong for the 5AM drive back down Monday morning :slight_smile:


It was mentioned his unit was tested at GF HQ for a couple of days before being shipped.


i know…


So funny!! :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty sure that’s the ruler. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see what everyone else is saying about it being the ruler, but as someone who is super unskilled when it comes to makeup, eyebrow stencils are totally something I didn’t think of but will have to make. :stuck_out_tongue:


…Is there a way to do the eyeliner version? Because I can usually do each one okayish when taken individually, but they never look anything like eachother.


maybe the next glowforge attachment will just do your eyeliner for you…


Actually Seattle is temperate and they get some snow some Winters, but they are mostly famous for rain. Seattle is very close to the Cascade mountains and skiing is a favorite passtime of many during the Winter months. - Rich


I know exactly what you mean! It looks like the concept does exist. I just recently realized, though, that following most tutorials was frustrating for me because there’s a thing called hooded lid that I have…on only one eye. Trying to get them to look the same is just too frustrating so I gave up and I’m afraid the issue might make an eyeliner stencil useless.


Bwahaha…or maybe a moustache…


STOP IT! I don’t want to run out of likes today.