I need an answer

I need to know when my black lid cable is going to ship!!!I was told it would ship today and there is no update! I even paid for fast shipping!! I need an answer!

well if it did ship today. it would not be in the shipping system yet. as those are usually updated end of day

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Well I would be nice to know that it shipped today!!

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Download the UPS app and sign in. You’ll see a package coming in that app, before your notification from glowforge.

Glowforge doesn’t do their own shipping. They’ve contracted out fulfillment to multiple outside companies with their own warehouses/facilities. They update Glowforge nightly on what orders have been shipped, and then Glowforge’s store sends the shipping update to your email at that time. As @ca_worth mentioned, if you want early notification, UPS My Choice and FedEx Delivery Manager will notify you as soon as someone buys a shipping label with your address on it.


I actually GOT my cable before I was notified of anything. Though I live in Louisville, where it ships from currently.

Hi there - I see you’ve already received the shipment for your black lid cable, so I’m going to close this topic.