I need customer service to respond or answer back emails

I’m absolutely floored how customer service handles things. I don’t need community members help- I need a customer service person to respond back to my email or call me!!! Stop closing topics that are not handled!!!


It looks like the Chat feature may be live right now, you could try that. Go to the Support page and click Chat in the bottom right corner.


They must’ve heard you, because it’s no longer online

If you have contacted support by email they will not answer you here - but every time you open a new post here (or send another email) they have to review it, verify it’s a duplicate, and close it before they can respond via email to your original request. You are literally slowing down their response time.
If they’ve sent something in response to your original request, and they see you post here they’ll respond with “It looks like you’re not getting our responses”. If they haven’t they’ll just say “It looks like you contacted us via email so we’re going to respond there”.
If you think it’s the former, check your spam/junk folder - and whitelist @glowforge.com
They’re a startup, so they don’t have a huge crew, but they are responsive and they always end up with a solution. Be patient.


I should get a response from them upon initial contact. I shouldn’t have to wait three days for each response. I appreciate your suggestion, but at this point I am so frustrated and I really don’t care about how small they are. This is just plain bad business practices. Again, I don’t need any advice from community users. I need customer service.


I know what you want, I’m providing you with information about what is happening.

Good luck.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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