I need help

My machine has not worked properly since last week. Is this normal?

First I had the camera didn’t take a picture… then I did all the proper steps it said. Then I got your lid is open. I still haven’t heard from tech support. I just ordered black cable for lid from glowforge site. I hope I ordered the right thing considering no one from glowforge reached out. Does anyone know if I ordered the right thing or has this same thing happen to them? How long will it take to get the part as well? Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry I cannot answer any of your questions but posting here did open another ticket with support if you’ve already emailed them.

I’m sorry to hear about the continued frustrations with your Glowforge. It seems you may not be receiving our email correspondence. I’ve just created an additional email to follow-up with you. Would you let us know if you receive it?

I email back… and I tend to get an email back almost 4 days later. Can I get a personal email to just speak with 1 person and not an auto email? I had someone tell me my overheating has to do with the it being hot. The temperature has not change since I got the machine… so can there be another reason why it says overheating? Also I did the calibration steps and it still isn’t lining up. Can it be something else?

Overheating is often due to inadequate air flow through the machine. That can be caused by a dirty exhaust fan, dirty grate behind the exhaust fan where your vent hose connects, a blockage wherever the exhaust is going (e.g. a dirty window screen or vent cap), or a blockage of the intake fan at the front right of the case. Clean all those places and you may see the overheating issue go away.

That double vision effect in your engraving is likely due to a loose carriage plate belt. When that belt is loose, it can slip each time the printer head changes directions for each pass, resulting in two offset copies of the engrave. Here’s how to check and tighten the belt:

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