I need to sell my Glowforge air filter to save my business by replacing my Glowforge Pro

Hi friends,
My last post was about the dragon I used my Glowforge Pro to make. I have made so many wonderful things with this machine I can’t imagine life without it.

I was one of the first buyers that waited for years after payment to get my Pro. I am past my warranty and my Pro needs repair. Glowforge has offered me a limited time deal to replace my machine for the cost of the repairs plus shipping. The cost to me is $755.00 plus tax.

I work full time and usually make my sales at live craft shows since I haven’t been able to have the time to run an online business. Due to COVID all my regular shows have been cancelled the last 2 years. I am very low on funds and was looking forward to 2 upcoming shows in September and October.

I have an air filter I got from Glowforge when I originally bought my Pro. I have never taken it out of the box so it is as good as new. I kept it because it was paid for and in case I might need it sometime. Now I would rather have a working Pro than an air filter.

I can’t imagine living without my Pro. It will be hard to get a loan and I would rather sell the air filter. I also really need to get back in business so I can make much needed money at the 2 craft shows I have scheduled. I have set up a go fund me page just in case I can’t sell the filter in time or for enough to cover the replacement cost.

Please message me if you are interested in buying my air filter or helping me in anyway. I have a small window to respond to accept Glowforge’ s offers.

Thanks, Nancie


I understand that.
Out of curiosity do you know what the diagnosis was on it?


It is related to the lid cable, but I think there may have been a short at the spot where the lid cable connects to the back of the forge at the bottom.

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a lid cable can be replaced by you, you don’t have to ship the Glowforge back to the factory.
where do you live nancie?


i see Chesapeake Virginia

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Unless …


I have replaced it once. This is apparently more than just the cable it may be a short in the location the cable connects to. I wish it was a 19.00 (25.00 shipping) problem.

well, don’t you think she should try simple / cheap first? if the board is shorted out
then Its another story… (?)

AHHH!! :frowning: no joy in mudville

All the pics I’ve seen of shorts at that location are pretty obvious. I think she knows the issue.


I truly wish my problem was a simple lid cable, but it is past that. Now my problem is coming up with the funds to accept a replacement.

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If I understand, that IC board the black cable plugs into has been self-replaced by another owner here before. The issue may go deeper than that, and support would have the benefit of that information.

Believe that was @raymondking32 . And if I remember right, it was fairly involved?


You are correct! Unfortunately, I believe it was @sqw who said that the board is not an easy fix for Pro users. The passthrough slot on the back has rivets that make access to the board not as easy as it is on the basic models. I did do an in-depth repair guide, but again, that was on my Basic.

Sorry to hear about all of this. The first time my machine was down, I felt sick. I hope something is able to work out in your favor.


Yep, swapping the little PCB board at the back of the machine seems to be impossible without carving a slice out of the machine. As far as I could tell the rivets that hold the inside to the outside prevent you moving the mini board enough to get it out in the same way as you would for a basic.

TBH if you’ve had your Pro for a few years, swapping it out for a refurb is probably not a bad idea anyway. I know my mileage is a lot higher than most, but they do definitely wear out!

You might try doing a pre-sale of a cool item that you can send out once you are up and running again, if selling the air filter takes too long. That way your buyers know that it will be awhile before they get the item, and may also appreciate knowing that they are helping you save your business. Good luck, and that is the worst that your beloved machine is down for the count!


I got a gift from a very kind glow friend and a loan, so my business is saved!!!
I would still like to sell my filter to pay back the load. Please message me if you or anyone you know is interested in buying my filter.


Wow, that’s wonderful! Best of luck with the filter.

Ok friends, I have not had even a nibble on my Glowforge filter ads. I have posted here, Facebook market place, and on several Glowforge Facebook pages. Does anyone have any advice on other places to post it?

I really want to pay my friend back and I would like to set up an inline fan so selling it would still be helpful. But So far no responses.

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I’m interested in your filter. Please let me know your best price and if you take Venmo PayPal or Zelle. Nicholas Hammerling Vero Beach Florida

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Hey Nancielaing, just seeing if you still have the air filter for sale? I am interested. Thanks!

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