I Never Got to Use My Glowforge Pro (no filter)

I am incredibly disappointed in Glowforge for denying customers who supported them at the beginning an opportunity to purchase an air filter. I have no way to vent out the window and assumed I could get the indoor one. I dropped five grand on a useless waste of space in my home. It has been sitting there for two years now. I am so disapppointed. I kept looking for alternatives but it is scary to contemplate what would happen if it didn’t filter properly.

I feel just awful that I wasted the money like this. I am filled with regret that I made this expensive purchase. I am not rich by any means. I think of what I could have done with the money. I guess I will sell it but I can’t imagine I won’t take a financial bath.

Boo, Glowforge.

Click on any of these links if you really want to try and get an air filter. There are a bunch of options out there all you need to do is look and educate yourself and you can just come here on the forum and ask some questions, there are a lot of people in the same situation who cannot vent outside who have found ways around it. If you search the forum you can also find people selling their units/ air filters as well so you could always make a deal with one of them.

-3rd party low cost air filter
-third party air filter
-This is a google search for “Portable laser filter”

This is from earlier this year as well.

Hope this was helpful in some way and you can get to use your :glowforge: as it is a pretty awesome thing.


Glowforge asked if you were ready for your machine before shipping, and you had the option to postpone, or cancel for a full refund at any time.

You chose to take delivery without having a way to use it, then declined the filter alternative which was offered some time ago.

Yes, it sucks that they couldn’t deliver what they had hoped for, none are more disappointed than the team themselves, but they have offered perfectly reasonable options along the way. They can’t take responsibility for customers’ decisions.


I gave up the filter wait, didn’t even ship gf to Norway until this summer (!). With the air filter being endlessly delayed as well I gave up and got them to change my order into a compact filter.

They didn’t ship it to Norway (because international shipping is a cosmic mystery that takes years to figure out?) so I had to use a 3rd party company to forward the unit from the U.S… Ugh. See, glowforge, was that so hard?

Now, if only I could use that $500+ voucher I got for materials… Guess what, small pieces of wood and acrylic is even harder for them to ship internationally. I cannot imagine the years of testing and research required… /s
Guess I will have to pay someone else to forward that as well…

Hi @BadFairyInc,

We hate to hear you so disappointed and want that to change immediately. I’ll be in contact with you via email so we can get you printing in the very near future.

I’ll be closing out this thread while we continue our correspondence via email.