I opened an Etsy Store! (But it's not quite what you think...)

Hi Everyone!! I have missed you all so much! I know I haven’t posted in a bit, since my Shipwreck Cove piece, but truthfully, I switched gears for a bit and I was working on a new project, which, I feel, is ready/published enough to announce here for everyone to go explore. Advanced apologies if I break any forum rules, don’t ban me please, just smack my hand if I cross a line, it’s why I’m putting it in Everything Else.

I OPENED AN ETSY STORE! But, it’s not for files, at least not YET! It is on my ‘roadmap’ to circle back and figure out some cut/engrave designs that fit the theme of the store that I can offer in the future. But for now…

The store is called Offensive Motivations, and I’ve designed an entire line of graphic and novelty t-shirts. Many of them are offensive or sarcastic humor, definitely inappropriate for church or school. But, there’s a lot of cute, clean motivational humor, and mental health awareness stuff, too. A lot of pieces that are an over-thinker’s dream, with layers of meaning. Something for everyone. Those who have followed my journey here know that I don’t sleep.

And since it was my love of Glowforge that really re-ignited my passion for graphic design, which I thought had died over a decade ago, it was only fitting that I also make a section titled “I Love Lasers,” six designs that I specifically pulled out of my head as tribute to our laser-loving community! All designs are available in 8 colors, up to size 4X, free US shipping.

Link to shop section: I Love Lasers at Offensive Motivations

BUT ALSO! I have a Tumblr blog going where I’m spilling my brain about the designs. Y’all know how I like giving backstory and writing my posts, so you can read about some of the designs here: OffensiveMotivations.tumblr.com There’s quite a few I’ve posted already, plan to do more in the future, of course!

BUT ALSO, TOO! I have the Offensive Motivations Facebook Page up, where I share a shirt design daily, and additional reels and posts as I get them prepared. I would LOVE some Facebook love if you’d follow the page and share some of the content, the Featured/Pinned Reels are the better pieces. Those videos have been just as fun to learn how to edit together as everything else I’m learning has been!

This WHOLE project is about spreading vibes, so if nothing else, spread some laughs with me, help me get seen, as I share a bunch of humorous designs, that sometimes have deep meaning. I’ve just taken an extra step and made those designs available as a wearable.

Thank you, everyone, for all the years of love and support. Here’s to many more, whatever path that road takes us through. And, as always, until next creation…whatever that may be…Happy Forging!


You really like to go all in 1000% on anything you do! Your t-shirts are really cute. Best of luck in your new venture!


Thank you! You know me, go big or go home, and…well…I’m already home, so…


Congratulations, I’ve always enjoyed your work!


Wow! I hope you continue to share your creations here, but I know a new business is time consuming also.


Wishing you luck on your new shop!!!




Ooph. This one hits way too close to home! What’s funny is that I don’t think anyone not using a laser likely has the same issue :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: I had the same thought!! That one’s definitely a niche piece, but my stack of scraps demanded it!


Every one of those is a keeper! Super creative design concepts and execution.


We have missed you and your brilliant designs. Now we know why you’ve been away. I love the “there’s room” one - so perfect for all of us! It also means that there’s always more room in our heads for more creativity as well! Although I think your head is pretty full! :sweat_smile:


I love them all but I’m like @deirdrebeth, There’s room is my fave!! Best of luck.