"Shipwreck Cove" Book Nook

Hi Everyone! After just having finished my Treasure Island Book Nook, I was immediately compelled to make another treasure chest, but this time I wanted to attempt an underwater ship wreck piece.

So, here is the chest I ended up making and starting with, including some barnacles, a star fish, and some algae (acrylic modeling paste)…

I made barrels, crates, the ship, etc from chipboard/hotglue/etc., a cannon and cannon balls from clay (Playdoh specifically, not that bougie stuff :slight_smile: ), and used the Glowforge and medium draftboard to make the make the cannon craddle, wheel, and railings.

Added a broken crow’s nest, and used Acrylic Medium paste and green drybrushed ink to cover it all in algae, and green embroidery thread soaked in glue for the seaweed.

Added the broken mast and sail, cargo hatch, sand of the ocean floor, more seaweed and more algae.

Lighting for this was interesting, as I was trying to replicate an under-sea environment, so I designed a roof that allowed a blue light to shine down, while a white light shines up at the ceiling, reflecting back down from aluminum foil, trying to give the appearance of sun rays shining down through the water.

And then finally, the front frame, which I did on the Glowforge, medium draftboard.

with the light off

And, in its resting place on my desk hutch with some of my other pieces…

Thanks everyone for stopping and taking a look, I have no idea what’s next for me to make, but when I do, you’ll be sure to see it. Until next creation, Happy Forging!


This is great too. I really like the blue.

Something with a rocket launch or space related would be cool if you’re looking for inspiration!


Very dense with novel uses of different materials. Embroidery floss seaweed - perfect. It looks nice next to some of your other masterpieces.


Wonderful detail on that! From the color of light, I’d say about 100 feet deep. Nothing but different shades of blue down there. Turn a flashlight on the reef - and there’s every color you have ever seen.
That work conveys a calamity forgotten. Shipwrecks are intriguing. :sunglasses:


Amazing as usual!


It seems to me you missed your calling as a set designer for movies of all kinds. Or maybe that’s exactly what you do in real life!

This latest example is just as magical as all the others.


Another awesome one. These are so cool


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…


ooh, blue light. Way cool.


Wow, wow, wow! That lighting really looks awesome! Maybe you could add a couple little fishes, a shark, or an octopus swimming around. :rofl: I wouldn’t get any work done if my desk looked like that - I’d be looking at all the little nook projects all the time!


One of the best book nooks I have seen! Really top ntch (as usual)