I received my cat bed!



UPS brought this nice cat bed by on Friday.

I’m thinking I might try to use it as a laser engraver. What do you guys think?


Awesome! :grinning:
(Nice bed for a kitty…you might be spoiling it just the teensiest bit!) :rofl:


I think you need to toss some pillows on it so the poor cat doesn’t have to rest on that hard glass.




Beautiful cat on a beautiful machine!


New Tutorial: How to Enjoy a Glowforge in a Household That Contains a Cat

Step 1: Make a box. Any box. Your cat will see the box and decide to sit in it instead of on the Glowforge.
Step 2: Make all the other things you want to make.


Mine use my unit as a bed sometimes, too. Since it is not a sudden loud noise, they just don’t care that it makes noise. What a beauty. The :glowforge:, too.


very helpful! thanks! :joy_cat:


Hey! I’ve got one of those cat beds too! Totally covered in cat footprints–I really think they should have designed it to be a little easier to clean from that standpoint. :wink:


i really hope my dog doesn’t decide to trade in the tub for the glowforge as his bed…


Looks like he could lift it out of the box for you. Nice dog.


thanks! maybe he could, but he’s too damn lazy.


I think he just wants to be the first to push the button…lol. Now make him some cat toys on that! Lmao. Gorgeous kitty!! :cat:


My cat Picasso does the same thing! I caught him a few times laying on the Glowforge!


Wait until Picasso realizes that there are shinies inside.


There is a lot to be said in favor of lazy dogs, even if you have to lift the glowforge yourself.


agreed. i like large dogs because they usually have a good burst of energy, but wear out as quickly as i do and then take a nap so i can relax. :slight_smile: