I require real-time tech support

I have rebooted everything, unplugged everything, restarted everything, got the teal button, got the temporary GF WiFi, but I still cannot connect to the GF…GF is Offline.

Is there a phone number I can call to get real-time technical support?

Losing my mind.


Nope. They don’t offer phone support. Just direct email and here in the forum, so as soon as they see your post they’ll respond.

In the meantime, did you also log out of the account - particularly if you have the app open on multiple devices? After logging out, turn on the machine and let it complete the start-up calibration and let the head return to the home position before you open the app back up again. It will probably take longer this time, they just pushed a firmware update. (Let it finish, turning it off before it’s done will lock it up. Give it a few extra minutes this time.)

Hi Jules.

I have only used the app on one device, my laptop. I logged out and followed your suggestion above. The GF has been on for over 10 minutes and the head is back in its place. I relaunched the app.glowforge.com and my machine is still offline.

So you’ve connected successfully and printed before but now your machine is not connecting?

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That’s correct. It was working for a couple months. I went to print on a job this morning and it was offline.

If you’ve been using this thing for a couple of months, why’d you get a teal button? You’d only get that if it has no WiFi data remembered, or if you manually initiated a WiFi setup.

This is setup mode. When the Glowforge is in this mode, it isn’t talking to the cloud servers so if you visit the app, your Glowforge is “offline” because it isn’t connected to the internet. It’s just sitting there waiting for you to tell it how to connect to your wifi.

After you set it up, it will take down the private wifi network and it won’t create it again until you tell it to (button for 10 seconds). Don’t do that unless you change your router or it’s wifi SSID or password.

Let it connect to your router.


I may, or may not have had a couple of puzzle boxes laying on the button when I booted up sometime last week. That led to a few moments of offline confusion.


I got the feeling the OP had reset the GF in an attempt to get it to connect

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That’s correct. The GF was offline and troubleshooting said to re-setup the wifi. That’s why I had a real button. I followed the setup instructions and it still won’t connect to WiFi.

At what point in the instructions does it fail?
You connect to your GF’s WiFi.
You go to the setup website.
You select your “real” WiFi.
Hurrah, you’re connect.

(From memory so I may have missed a step. It’s been over a year.)

So at which point does it fail for you?


The whole thing is kind of a process. No one really knows what exactly you’ve tried or where you’re at.

And I don’t even know if you want assistance here or not.

Most WiFi connection issues are generally resolved here before Support steps in. Sometimes not.

So you were asked to reestablish the WiFi connection.

You held the button. Got a teal light. Connected to the Glowforge WiFi and gave it the credentials for your WiFi network.

What happened then? Did it say, huzzah - you’re connected? Give a device error?

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.