I think I wrecked my carriage

So I cleaned the air assist fan today and ever since then my left to right lines have been wavy and when I move the laser head from left to right manually it makes a rattle noise. I’ve removed and reseated everything several times but the problem persists. The belt looks fine, I see no damage to the wheels, and there is no debris. Does anyone have any insight to offer before I ask to buy a new carriage?

If you remove the carriage, can you spin each guide wheel and see if one (or more) feels unusual?

How old is your machine?

It’s a 9 month old Basic. The back right wheel is a little noisy, I’m assuming that’s the one with the problem.

Sounds like a bad bearing.

Support will have to determine if you need a new carriage plate, or whether the wheel(s) can be replaced.

This probprobably isn’t the problem, but this wheel has significantly more play than the other back wheel.

I doubt it, as it shouldn’t cause the regular unevenness along the X axis. Your pic appears to show the “waves” are aligned along that axis. That has to be bearings.

Awesome. :slight_smile: My car also has a bad wheel bearing. I’m gonna pop outside and see if I can’t also break my bike.

Thanks for the help!



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Brandy, while the warranty for a Basic is 6 months, if you purchased with a credit card, you may want to check with them to see if they automatically extend the warranty on your purchases. Some cards will double the manufacturer’s warranty, and I have heard others talk about cards that add several years to the end of a warranty.

While a bearing issue is probably not as expensive on a Glowforge as on a wheel (had two rear wheel bearings go bad on my '91 Mazda at the same time at about 75K miles - MANY years ago) - it might be worth finding out if it would be covered, and how long any extra coverage would be valid. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s advice I like to give to people on just about any expensive piece of technology.


I used my debit, unfortunately.

I’ve read in one of the Glowforge groups on Facebook that the carriage assembly is only in the ballpark of $50. I’m not very worried about it - especially since it’ll have a CLEAN air assist fan on it.


I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the carriage plate.

I just followed up to your email with the next steps to order your replacement part. We’re going to continue to work on this there, so I’m going to close this thread.