I want my money!

Hello good afternoon, my name is Josep and I am going to tell you the situation in which I find myself intending to solve this mess once and for all.
For economic problems in which I am currently and to the repeated postponements of the shipments of the glowforge take the decision despite my request to return the money, complete the return process and 2 days later on March 16 I received the confirmation via email that the transfer had been made.
In the mail I was warned that the transfer could take up to 10 days until here everything is correct and here the adventure begins.

On March 21 (5 days later) I was taking money at the cashier when a chill ran through my body (I’m going to take literary licenses to do all this more enjoyable) I still had paid the glowforge 2 years ago with an associated visa card to an account that I had canceled 1 year ago so quickly the same day write another email explaining the mistake I had made and adding my current bank details to solve the problem.

On the same day I received your email efficiently telling me that the transfer process had already begun and that I should wait for the money to be returned to your account, the next morning I went to my bank and explained what happened to the cashier and explained that it was a process simple that they had automated, I went home quietly to hope that everything went well.

On March 22 (next day) I received another email on your part in which you had checked the transfer in your system and according to you everything had gone well (impossible) at the same time and to my dismay I attached a reference number to make a follow-up of the transfer and they warned me that the return process of the transfer could be extended 30 days. (in agreement you have been wrong to hold for 30 days I thought).

During these 30 days I went once a week to my bank in search of information, they could tell me little because that account no longer existed and that is how they will understand that it is impossible to receive money in an account that does not exist.

On April 23 (31 days waiting) send another email for explanations, explaining what the bank workers had told me.

On May 8 (15 days later … COMPANIES 15 days to answer an amazing email!) In the email it was given to understand that the bank had somehow retained my money and I thought in agreement Josep is not them, és the MALDITO bank already know the banks … I am Spanish the banks lately they have stolen enough, in the United States they will know what I speak (I take it with humor) but … I work with a good bank I have never had problems, damn It can not be that I am being TIMANDO.

The next day I went to my bank, as soon as I got the PHRASE: I want to talk to the director of this branch, (that the manager came out !! Hahaha) answered me, explain the case and the answer was the same: in no way an account closed can receive income, you no longer have this account on my computer nothing comes out and transfers to nonexistent accounts are debited automatically and in no case can be delayed more than 15 days.

I finish now, I have trusted for more than 2 years, in a great product, that for different reasons I could not obtain, I gave you 3500 euros of my savings as many of us did to develop the product, NOW I want my money back, what I need no joke, I have to work 50 hours a week for 3 months to collect this money, so please review the case and return my money because something clearly failed, carefully.

Josep Maria Carré

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Thank you for letting us know about this issue - I’m terribly sorry you have not received your refund yet. We’re working with the payment processor to investigate. Since this involves your account and personal details, we will be following up via email with next steps to make sure you receive your full refund.