I was in the middle of a project and my glowforge button turned yellow and the machine just stopped

I had a 60 minute project going on and 1/2 way through the button turned yellow and the machine stopped. I did have it stuck on scanning and had technical support helping with that issue. I now cannot get the machine to stop having the yellow button or respond to anything. Any suggestions?


One common thing that occurs…if the machine gets a little too hot, it will pause and the yellow light will come on until it cools down. The Basic and Plus models need to be run with an ambient temperature of from 60° to 75°F. If you have one of those models and the room is a little too warm, it might pause the print to cool itself off, and the higher the room temperature, the longer that pause is going to last. (Keeps you from burning out the tube prematurely.)

You can try pointing a fan at the air intake on the lower right side of the machine (underneath) but if you open the lid, it will kill the print, so try the fan first.

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The ribbon somehow came slightly disconnected from the head…if I am saying this correctly. Once we snapped it back on, light went off. Not really sure how that comes undone ???


Oh, okay, yes that is another issue…can you take a photograph of the white ribbon cable inside the laser arm? It’s possible that the ribbon is twisted and that pulled the ribbon loose.

Just open the lid, lower the front door, and take a photograph of the white cable in the laser arm.
It should look something like this:

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Looks like you nailed it :smiley: For future thoughts overheating will eventually start back up unless you have started out too hot, and in that, it will stop immediately. The two main things that will start and then give a yellow light are either what you found that the connections to the head have an issue and the other a magnet that kills the head fan.

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That is great to hear you have resolved the issue with the yellow button. Since you are back up and printing, I’m going to close this thread. Please start a new one or email us at support@glowforge.com if this trouble reappears.