I was sent a used machine, now haven't heard back for days

I got a machine with major chips, scratches, new paint chipping, rubber footers coming undone, oil, grease, etc. on it… I emailed customer support and FINALLY only after Jenni saw I made a post about it I got an email… and now the post is archived or I am unable to add to it.

Last week I emailed saying I wanted to resolve this before the weekend… then Friday got a response in early afternoon and gave my phone number so they could call me that day so it didn’t drag into this week. Monday still no response, this morning is Tuesday still no response.

Jenni already agreed to send me a new unit “right away”, but I had questions - was it new new or refurbished new? How do I ship mine back? If they guarantee the one I got isn’t used, can they offer me a discount on it for the stress and headache of reshipping etc. Whats my warranty period looking like now? Is it condensed?

No response. Kathan, Benjamin, Jenni, Michael… SOMEONE please get back to me, SPECIFICALLY by phone so we can sort this out today. All this back and fourth emailing with no or slow response this is going to take me weeks… my business line is … please call me now or call my cell phone given in the emails…

Really irked. Jenni closed the last posting out too so I had to make this all new one. Seems these get closed out without giving customers a chance to follow up, add updates, etc.

For your safety, you’ll want to immediately remove your phone number from this post.

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Thing is, every machine is “used.” Each machine goes through calibration and testing before it’s shipped. Sometimes they don’t clean up after themselves the way they’re supposed to. I have no idea if you were shipped something you shouldn’t have gotten. Just saying there’s a real chance yours is really no different than everybody else’s. Except for the “major chips.” Shouldn’t see anything like that, really, regardless. Not sure if it’s worth your effort to replace it for that though.

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It takes pretty close to a week for your machine to even get there. They made a mistake and sent me a basic when I had sent them a pro. and immediately made good on the mistake. It still took two weeks for everything to happen,

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They have already stated they should not of let that machine leave their warehouse to me, so now i am just waiting to find out what we do to resolve this

This is why I am getting so frustrated, even more of a wait is being added because of their lack of responding. The last email was something like “Just give me the go ahead and we’ll send you a new machine” but obviously i had some questions… so now I am sitting waiting, again

It is so frustrating to wait, I know. I can tell you when I had a warranty replacement machine I was so frustrated - but support heard me and took care of everything.

If that authorization volley back and forth could be tightened up a little (like the user sends the OK, it would be so good to immediately hear back from support instead of waiting another few days wondering and checking your spam filter) it would really improve this process. I have questions about things too but just trying to understand what’s going on really felt like that slowed the process way down.


Yeah, once you start a conversation by email they will always return to that - and every time you open a new post here you delay your response because they have to check to see if there are any open tickets regarding the same issue and then close them.

This will take some time. A warranty return is not a few day process. You’ve been told you’ll get a replacement. Presuming you’ve responded to that email with a yes then you need to have some patience. Opening ticket after ticket on the forum isn’t helping you, or them. Sad to say


I suggest you remove your phone number from your original post.

Its a business line

I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve followed up with via email to answer your questions and move forward with a warranty replacement. Because we are emailing you, I am going to close this topic out on the Problems and Support Forum.

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