I was supposed to get a Glowforge today

My Glowforge was scheduled to arrive today between 3:30 and 7:30pm. I was so excited! I took time off work so I could sign for it and start making things…

First UPS “attempted to deliver it” 2 hours before the window they gave me. That was an unwelcome email as I was driving home from work. But not the end of the world - surely I can just go pick it up.

I called their support, and they told me I would receive a call in an hour and would be able to pick it up at their facility. Awesome, I can do that!

An hour later I get the call… that I can pick it up in 5 hours, but the truck arrives at 8:30, and they close at 8:45, so good luck.

Okay… I am still tracking this point, still doable. Wife can watch the kids, I can bribe a buddy to drive out there and help me load it up, no worries.

I get there, and they hand me the crumb tray. I tell them there is another part of the package. They look some stuff up - “Oh, you’re right, there was. It was damaged in transit to the facility, so they either discarded it or sent it back. Says here it is only worth a dollar.”

I am not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to cry. I have been so excited about this thing…

So, what do I do now? UPS didn’t even know if they sent it back or threw it away.

Guys, I am pretty depressed…


No. That is just too cruel. So sad for you.

If they find it, offer them $1 for it.

Thanks, I appreciate the thought.


That’s a sympathy like. I can’t believe they did that to you. No humanity.

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Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that the shipping company didn’t handle your Glowforge delivery properly.

I see that you’ve emailed us about this and I’ve followed up there, so I’m going to close this thread.