I was threatened 🙀


Happy cake day!


What an amazing adventure! Very happy for you! (And Rio!)


"Glow-mad: Nomadic life with a laser, a camera, and a dog. "


Your perspective is always going to be different than anyone else’s. You’re an amazing photographer and you’re traveling around with a Glowforge, a serious printer, and a cute dog. Pretty sure whatever you put up is going to be fun, interesting, and unique. I’ve been running a blogging group for nearly a decade and I think a lot of people feel the way you do, but some of the very best blogs weren’t written for the audience, so much as a way for the blogger to journal and capture memories. I’d follow your blog, so I hope you do it. :wink:


Exactly. :smiley:


I’d read it!


Just jump into a blog. Let it find its own voice unless you have a particular message you really want to put out, but then it usually has a voice previous to the start anyway and it wouldn’t be an issue.


I for one would definitely read the wandering meanderings of a Glow-mad!!


Ha! I like that! I went ahead and made one last night sittin’ around the campfire though. Ridin’ with Rio.

As-is. No warranties. No guarantees. Likely to not be kid-friendly, depending on if/when things go badly.

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Now… I have to see if my frozen pizza will actually fit in my oven. Things could go badly.


You can always try heating it up in the glowforge LOL …not



(also living vicariously, so please hit up Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Utah)


Yea!!! Love it!


A big fan of all of those places!

Idaho was one of my biggest surprises as far as states. Perhaps it was just a lack of general geographic knowledge, or ignorance, or the whole potato thing - but it’s one of the most beautiful states I’ve been.


So glad the fire was popping and not pooping that would be really bad LOL


Yo can always cut it in half. Ovens can often handle half-circles better than a full circle.


But where’s the challenge in that? LOL


It may have been tired eyes, but I read it and then said what the heck did I just write? :joy:

And pizza fits. Life is good. It was going to turn into either a square pizza or a calzone.


Great start on the blog!

I would have voted for grilled pizza. Mmm…


I don’t think you need any help in the writing department. I’d be a willing customer, though, should it be published🤩


Let the adventure begin, I suppose!

Here come the floods…