I was threatened 🙀


Here too


I hear Colorado area has had it particularly harsh the past couple of weeks. it has been in the 80s here :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a heck of a low pressure. San Augustin Pass by Las Cruces had 104mph gusts. Guadalupe Mountains in Texas had 103. Kinda disappointed in Texas for not getting a couple more mph.

The low was really something to look at on the surface wind maps.


Awesome photo. Safe travels to your new camp.


Yes, I got to spend 2 extra days here in Denver due to the storm. Here for a meeting and the power kept blinking, not enough to knock out anything other than the WiFi (leading to problems like no webex, and the soda machine uses WiFi to authenticate payment… and flights are still chaotic


Wife and I just stayed home for 2 days. (well, I went out Wed. morning, but it was quick and I was back before anything really started) Never lost power at home, but did at my shop. Wind was brutal. 97 mph gusts at COS airport, about 2 miles from my house. Only a few inches of snow, but I’ll say it again, that wind was brutal.


I really love seeing your beautiful pictures and always look forward to seeing your posts. I wish I could compose pictures as well as you do. :smiley:


I don’t think this one made it into the mix, but it should have.

Quarai Ruins


Omigosh…this. is. stunning. I wonder…if it looked that amazing to someone there then…,in that time…so very long ago. That’s the way I like to think of places like that.


I’ve asked myself the same. Or, do you think they would look at us and think, “idiots”?

We are weird, aren’t we?

Say… a car.

Something new and shiny? Ahh it’s beautiful.

Something 10-20-30 years old: Ehhh.

Something 30+ years old: Oh, that classic. It’s a beauty.

We have this weird thing with not new, but not old. The luster is gone. I can get that. But what/where is the demarcation for something that’s just eh, and then old enough to be oooooo?


I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I’m in it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Speak for your self lady, I’m crossing from just eh to oooooh! :wink:


and don’t discount “oooh la la” !:smile:


Let me know when you get to “Ewwwwwww”! :smile: :raising_hand_woman:


So much I would have liked to have that as a 3d model or even just the texture maps when I made this

how nice it would have been with Quarai Ruins texture maps!


I found Mater. The real one. No idea how to advertise it though without making certain entities very upset. :slight_smile:


I’m half-tempted at this point just to cruise Route 66…


what would you even do though? Take pictures for your prints and puzzles? I mean… would buy memorabilia from a highway? :wink:



Actually, I was thinking about walking down the side of the road picking up chunks of broken asphalt and selling pieces of Route 66.

I typed that as a joke, but…



…special edition puzzles with a little vial of dirt/asphalt/sand from the place where the photo was taken…