I was threatened 🙀


Funny story… or, at least, I chuckled.

Someone had ordered a puzzle for Christmas. The last batch of salt I bought for cleaning wasn’t very good; not very consistent in sizing, so all of the pieces weren’t falling out of the cleaning container. No big deal, I’d pick the few of them out by hand.

Well, this lady received one of my Padre Island National Seashore puzzles. And a few pieces of the salt just didn’t get cleaned out. She put a picture up on social media, with the special whimsical pieces and a couple of salt chunks, and was in awe about how cool it was that the pieces of salt were included in the beach puzzle. :speak_no_evil:



you’re so extra, you don’t even know it!



I need to explore that salt idea. Are you using a tumbler?

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Giving away all of my secrets! Yup.



Blog, movie, coffee table book…you name it. You’re photographs are so wonderfully evocative. Thanks you for sharing them with us. It really is almost like being there.



As I go through today’s stuff, I really feel like just sharing all of the car images… I feel like one of those old car guys - “ya know… when they were built RIGHT. Not all these electronics, and electrics, and batteries. Good ol’ Detroit steel.”

Drinks a Schlitz…



I really wish someone could make the 1924-65 fast back Volvo (the one that looked like a 1940 ford) I think the engine had like 500 parts and except for a few safety features like bigger rear window or tail lights 1200 up to 1600cc engine etc they made that design longer than VW made bugs and they were far more durable. got up to 50mpg on the highway, and passed smog tests by efficiency rather than gadgets. I would bet that you could build and sell them now for a quarter the price of most cars today.



You could make a rusted up old bit of salvage look great.



Ain’t that the truth? I think you need a special way of seeing things that I only wish I had. :grinning:



OK, this picture reminded me of my time in Spain (89/90), and made me think of my FAVORITE picture I have ever taken. I just have a scan of the print digitized, but I really need to go back through my negatives and try to get a high quality re-scan of it.

I literally happened onto it while visiting Granada, one of my last stops before returning home after my year abroad. What struck me was the juxtaposition of the old building in the reflection of the very modern office building with reflective glass / mirrored panels.

While it’s not nearly as amazing as the rest of the photos here, I thought this group might appreciate it / enjoy it.



Contrast comes in many different varieties!



This great! I would certainly agree with your reasons for thinking this was memorable…in more ways than one.



I would be really interested in scans of the old building, the reflection would make a pretty puzzle but it hides more than it reveals.

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Sadly, I don’t know if I took pictures of the old building on it’s own. Back in the day, I took 62 rolls of Kodak Ektar film with me, and I was close to the end of those rolls by the time I was visiting Granada.

1600+ photos developed, and boy was I glad I got a deal on the processing costs. I’ll have too look at the old albums to see what I have. :wink:



I do have another, more recent, photo which is probably my second favorite ever, and I have it in high resolution digital (22 MP) from a Nikon D7100. It’s from Feb '18, of a caged squirrel which had decided to take up residence in our attic, and the red-tailed hawk that thought that the trap was it’s lunch box.



I’m not a professional in most anything… but packing a Glowforge? Yeah, pretty much. Wonder if I can put that on my LinkedIn…



That for every time you drive down the road? I was having issues just repacking once. I had not considered what you must do when traveling. :slightly_frowning_face:



Yeah, I clean it up and repack it every time I move (goes back into the box). Figure that’s a good time to clean. All in all, the whole process (entire “workshop”) is about 30-45 mins to clean and secure everything - so not too bad.



Now that you’ve mentioned all that…do you lift that all by yourself into the box…or do you have some kind of medieval pulley system rigged up? :grinning: Also…how do you vent it in the RV?



Yeah, up out of the box and onto the bunk platform. Then back down in the box. I vent straight out the back window. People see the hose and think I have a clothes dryer ha (I’ve been asked several times).