I will come bearing Gifts


Preparing to travel to Nashville to visit Son’s family and get up under eclipse totality. He is an engineer, a Colorado School of Mines graduate and had to memorize the periodic table, and I have been looking to make some edge-lit gifts so…

Not all that pleased with the ‘Thinker’, but that’s my problem, not the machines.

For the Granddaughters, night lights…

These are the bases that have remotes, so they will have fun playing with the colors after lights out. :star_struck:

His Wife Erika is a huge Indiana Jones fan so she will get the vellum engraving.

So much fun, and more satisfying for both me and the recipient being able to pull gifts from the glowforge instead of something impersonal from a store!

Edit - I finished it.


They are all wonderful, but omygosh, that vellum engraving!!! Awesome!


Dorooooool… :star_struck:


I was giggling watching that print! :crazy_face:


Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.
(Vellum’s my fav too.) :wink:


These are all fabulous!

I’d love to see Indiana Jones on edge lighted (or is it lit) acrylic too.

Hey, do the remotes for the LED bases control both bases? That can be fun for the grandkids. :smiley:


These are great…and as you said, so much more fun to give having been able to make them all yourself. Love the light reflection from the nightlight showing on the corner edge of the Glowforge.


Harrison Ford looks so young in vellum. I’m assuming that’s the magic of the glowforge :laughing:


Whoa! It will engrave vellum?


Fun for the grandparent who has an extra remote and can change the grandkids’ lights without them knowing it :slight_smile:

Kind of like walking by your neighbor’s house and changing his TV channel on him :smile:


Thank you all!
Good question Mike, didn’t even occur to me - One does both. “What are the kids screaming about?” :grimacing:
The programmed timing is slightly different, so the color changes stagger.
Lit is easier to say, so it’s probably wrong…

@bruceaulrich, yes - very happy with it.

@jamesdhatch - spoken like a grandfather, I like the way you think!


Yes! For a paper product you can dump some power into it.


No silly, I like your sexy Harrison Ford design. :yum:


I’m not yet (first kid getting married in October) but I’m devious :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No love for the “weird non-related uncles” huh? I see how it is. :smiley:


Love the periodic table light … a young friend just became a chemistry teacher … she would soooooooooooooooooo love this!!

Love the vellum print. I envision envelope flaps printed with special messages/pics for my handcrafted cards!

Love, love, love!!!


That’s a great idea!


OK, Finished it off with a :proofgrade: walnut frame backed up with :proofgrade: thick draft board.
Stole the stand idea from @steph :grin:


I could look at that on my desktop. Might be inspirational. :innocent:


Yeah, I thought about giving one to a friend who is the city manager…