I just got back from vacation for 2 weeks. The first week, we were in Iceland. It was fantastic! I definitely recommend it.

Maybe its because I’ve been spending way too much time on the forum, but I noticed a lot of laser made stuff in all the tourist shops. From laser cut fridge magnets of Iceland to really fancy candle holders. I unfortunately didn’t think to take a picture of them.

However, I did take some pictures of the menu from this one restaurant we went to.

And lets not forget the bill.

I asked about them, they were made at a place in Reykjavik called Laser in Icelandic (leysir?).

Now for some obligatory Iceland pictures.


Waterfall (we walked around the backside of it)

Black sand Beach near Vik

Original Geysir

Crazy blue pool

Icebergs preparing to sink ships

Sheep that wasn’t happy that we stopped to take a picture of it


I’m gonna tie this into the Movie Quote thread: “Iceland is very green, and Greenland is full of ice.”

And thank you for posting that; very cool!

I’ve said it on another thread, though, that one drawback of technology is that by the time “regular” people like me seem to be able to get it, everyone else seems to get it, too…oh well.

Except for cell phones…I’ve had one since about 1992…I really miss those days, when no one else had one, lol


Wow what an adventure! That menu was pretty cool.


and now for Floridians to be jealous of the Ice

That’s really cool

Pun not intended


But do you miss the giant brick sizing?

(Though admittedly much harder to lose.)

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Nice! I love the bill holder.

I have friends that visit Iceland every year for a week mostly horseback riding. My grandfather went there for work as a heavy equipment mechanic for a year or so in the 1950s. My only visit was a one hour layover in the airport.

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Definitely jealous of the ice.

p.s. I hope you are staying safe during this tropical storm.


Most of the laser work in Iceland is actually done by one shop, owned by a friend of mine. Palmi Einnarsonn at has a pretty fantastic fiber laser and does beautiful work with it. I’m sure that at least some of what you were seeing was his work.


I don’t miss those days. Mine came in a big bag with a battery the size of my lawn tractor’s.


Yes, it looks like it was his work! It looks like he has a picture of the Pakkhus menus on his site. Tell him he does great work!


I’ve visited Iceland twice, really nice place! Can’t recall if we went to Pakkhus, though.
Interesting to see the reinforcement of the live hinge.

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Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!! Your captions are pretty great too :joy:

Those menus are super cool! There’s a bar near my office that has menus with a piece of engraved wood as the cover, I definitely always geek out a little when we go haha.

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Yes, thanks. Hope you are too.

P.S. when you lose charge in your car battery, check the weather before you decide to walk to the Advanced Auto down the street and then get caught in a thunder storm on the way back. Death drops by and offers to carry it for you lol

“no, go away, I’ve got this”


Like crossing a busy street - A game of “Beat the Reaper”

Hope that storm isn’t too hard on you!


Noooo, I actually had one that was about the size of today’s smart phones. It was 95% dial pad, of course, lol, but small and light enough to fit comfortably in a dress shirt pocket.


This was my first cell phone back in the 90s

Had to keep telling myself it wasnt a tricorder…lmao
Although secretly I wished it was…:smirk:


That was my second or third one (preceded the StarTac which was the coolest phone ever).

This was my first one:


We used to know a RM for Sears when I was a kid. She always gave us the fake display model phones and pagers when I was a kid. We didn’t care they weren’t real. We strapped em on to are courderoy pants anyway because we were cool like that.


Odd question for you @joe. Do you remember if the laser menu had a tendency to spring open? or want to be open? I was trying to mimic that design today and found that the hinge really wanted to lay flat. If i was to make that same menu, i would want to put a latch on it just so it would stay shut.

I didn’t think about it at the time. They stayed closed without a latch or anything. They didn’t have much springyness at all. Not sure how that was done. I can make a few guesses, but nothing based on emperical data.
Here’s another image of the back side, closed. Not sure if that will help.