I'd never triforce you to eat these cookies


One of my friends recently brought over his switch and let me play a bit of the new Zelda. So to celebrate I decided to make some cookies. I figured I’d try and do something more than just regular cookies so I decided it was time to try using some 1/2" Corian material I had available to me. I picked out a nice triforce pattern and vectorized it into something I could work more easily with. I did a nice slow and deep engrave into it and then did a multi-pass cut which I was happy to see worked well in cutting through this tough material. I really love the way Corian engraves, it’s very crisp and clear.

a little soap and a nail brush cleaned it up nicely.

the next step was to make some shortbread cookie dough and try stamping them with my newly fashioned cookie stamp.

Then it was off to the oven for them.

They turned out nicely. Really easy to see the pattern in them.

Overall it worked fairly well. I think it felt like the dough was sticking a bit more than I’d like. I might try Delrin next time. Though it may just have been that I was pushing too hard on them when I stamped them. I did a few lighter ones at the end and they were easier to remove as they fell right off the stamp as I raised it (or didn’t come up at all).

Cutting Corian
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How many passes did it take to engrave this?


Betas generally don’t answer specific questions since they are under NDAs. So the etiquette is to wonder aloud the questions you have.

I have engraved Corian and it works very well. Lower power to avoid sparking. And dust going up into the head. To go deep on mine I would do these at two or three passes. YMMV. Haven’t tried it lately with a slower setting. Seems to work well. I do multiple faster.

I’m interested in the multi pass cut. That’s pretty good.


Awesome job! I have a lot of smaller pieces of corian - using this technique I bet you could (I could eventually) make wax stamps ( stamps onto wax to seal envelopes and imperial orders) :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Very useful! Thanks for sharing.


I’m planning to do detailed engraves, about 1mm deep (OK, 1/32" for the metrically challenged :wink: ).
Then cast rigid PU with carbon fibre filler. Might corian be suitable, or delrin better ?
Or suggestions ?
Certainly thin sheet of delrin would aid release, but I want to avoid, if possible the extra step of a silicone rubber counter mould,


I see Ancient Greek coin cookies in my future.


Now this is awesome. I will definitely be doing this


Totally awesome! (Now I wish I’d kept those old Corian cutting boards for repurposing.)


Ooooo, cookies! And another new material I have got to get my hands on! Awesome job, thanks for sharing!


I haven’t given up hope of seeing the stone part of your Durin’s Door carved out of Corian. :wink:


Very nice. Thank you. One thought about the sticking. In mold making, the sides of the mold are tapered slightly to allow the part to come out easily. It’s called draft. I wonder if this technique would help on cookie dough.


The Corian engraves beautifully as does delrin. Which ever is cheaper for you will work.

As to mold sticking: a light dusting of powdered sugar in the mold and brushed off with a fine brush every couple cookies works. Or just brush on dough surface.


Can’t argue with any technique that requires the addition of a bit of sugar :slight_smile:




My boys finally got their switch and Zelda today. Now I wish I had my :glowforge: to make some cookies to eat as we play! Fun idea.


Have you tried soapstone yet? I found an older post of yours where you stated that you had a slate of it, but I don’t see you posting regarding actually attempting it.


The Cookies of the Goddess!


I guess I wasn’t clear. I have a bunch of slate tiles from a church roof that was over a hundred years old. I don’t have any soapstone though. And I haven’t done the slate yet. I have an idea, but just haven’t bothered as I know it will work and look nice. Just so many things to keep testing!


I love this!

Also as a suggestion… If you do a 2nd circle around your cookie cutter, you can turn it into a cookie press and get a more rounded shape. You put the circle down, the dough inside then press the zelda glyph onto it and voila magic! :smiley: