Idea: share the hopper

As the title says, I think it’s overdue. Sharing the to do list would save a lot of unnecessary posts about ideas that we the users think are unique but are already in line.

I get that GF wants to keep its edge, and the company should not share the things that are trade secrets or major innovations, but there has to be a much larger number of smaller not-so-secret ideas that you can share.

From another angle: GF gets a ton of free data and time from us on this forum, it seems to me that they have a responsibility to help us at least not waste that time and effort on redundant stuff. A list of ideas that are already being tracked (and ones that are not gonna happen for whatever reason) would go a long way here.

Further it’d be win win because it would help the users be a more effective adjunct R&D dept.

And inb4: I bet this was already suggested. Irony, huh?

Also inb4: yes I know, “search the forum” before you post. I think we can all agree that the forum is not the most search-friendly place. Discourse as a platform is not helping us here, nor is the lack of standards in terms of how people write. “Pews” (confusing) vs “power” (correct), for example.

Anyway, I’d love to see what’s coming and I know I’m not alone.


Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll be sure to pass it on to the team.

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