Ideas for filling Easter Eggs for 5 Year Olds?

Hi - I’m looking for ideas to use the GF - need to fill Easter Eggs for my daughters class (pre-k, 4-5 year olds) and I DON’T want to do candy (they get so much candy from little events like this, Valentine’s, etc) so i was thinking I could do little “somethings” but haven’t figured that part out yet. Since they have to be brought in by Monday… I’m reaching out for some inspiration!

I have all kinds of wood and acrylics. They would be randomly found by both girls and boys and need to fit inside the plastic Easter Eggs. Appreciate any ideas and I will share what I create in return! :smiley:


I did a series of what I am calling “pocket hearts”. Super simple cuts, they’d fill an egg easy. You could do tiny bunny silhouettes. Tiny eggs (yo dawg I heard you like easter eggs), etc etc. Fill it with whatever easter/christian/pagan/nonsequitur shapes you like. The noun project is a great resource for this sort of thing.


Tiny pocket hearts. About .5” across.


That’s a great suggestion–I’d want to add a hole so these shapes could be strung on stretch elastic cord for a fast & simple bracelet or necklace that they can collect/swap the pieces to make themselves. (since this “cord” is easy to cut and knot).


How about making a bubble wand out of acrylic in a custom shape (bunny, carrot, cross etc) and include some bubble fluid.


You could make a bunny version of this: Cat Stacking and give one to each kid - if they all work together they have a game, if they stay by themselves they have a cute bunny


Oh and another plus: tiny little charms like this are a perfect use for leftover scraps.


Puzzle pieces. You could easily do little bunnies, chicks or eggs and they’d fit inside the plastic eggs very well. (Also gives them something to do.)

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You’d need awfully big eggs to fill them with five-year-olds. Or tiny five-year-olds.

Oh wait.

for five-year-olds

Never mind

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Lol, thanks everyone. I ran these by my almost five year old and she said they wouldnt work for both boys and girls. Still on the fence since the eggs would be randomly found. Will continue thinking about it on my end.

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