If GlowForge goes under


@dan do you have a contingency plan for user software should the company go under?


I’m replying to the topic title statement:

I don’t recall any other statements that have departed from this, other than the sincere desire to remain a solid company that supports the current hardware and that the lights will be kept on forever. But there is a contingency. Just to put the links that inevitably will get posted in reply as this is an open forum and invites discussion and commentary by all:


If you have a problem with other people answering I’d suggest emailing them. This is a forum and people do that and you should expect it.


thank you




But you… you’re ok.



Would you like his email address so you actually ask him in person so you don’t have to shout your question to everyone?


If you are not Dan…

Seriously, e-mail him, he doesn’t generally reply to threads


Someone rang?





“Paging Doctor Kane, Doctor Kane to the Burns Unit”



No way bro, he totally got you so bad bro. You were all like “here’s some helpful information” and he was like “I don’t even acknowledge you as a person because I am so superior and can only talk to C level executives about my crazy ideas that have been discussed multiple times”

totes burnt you so badz.


That moment when you have to check you are on the Glowforge Forum and not playing CounterStrike


It’s 2017, you’re not on CS. :wink:


Still not bad enough to check for /r though. My monitor’d be on fire first.


Give us old guys a break. We used to walk to school, uphill both ways, in the snow.


No. @bdm would flag me for that one and @palmercr would determine that their was no native snow falling during that time period in my geographical region.



LOL i have only ever done a single flag (IIRC) though i admit i enjoyed it… perhaps too much.

I would never flag someone from trying to emulate Monty Python’s ‘4 Yorkshiremen’ sketch


Barefoot – you forgot barefoot…