If I use images with premium are I use images they mine or do I have to buy them

If I use images with are they mine or do I have buy them

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Welcome to the GF community! If you bought the image in the catalog
, or you are a member of Premium Plus, it is my impression that it is yours to do with as you wish. If I am wrong, I’m sure a staff member will correct me fairly quickly, but I believe I am correct.


By buying the into Premium you can sell the finished work. You cannot sell the design as you would be in competition with them with their designs. If you got the same designs from the Noun Project they would be for personal use only so the price of premium is what gives you the ability to sell the work.


Some of the designs in the Catalog are in fact marked for commercial use! You can see this in the item’s description. That means you can print them and sell what you’ve printed.

While we don’t place commercial restrictions on the designs you create from our design library in the Glowforge App, you’re responsible for ensuring that the designs you print don’t infringe on anyone else’s copyright.

You can review this in our terms of service -

License Restrictions on Glowforge Content and Community Content. You may not sell or re-sell Glowforge Content or Community Content, whether or not such Glowforge Content or Community Content has been modified. Some Glowforge Content and Community Content may be subject to restrictions, e.g., payment, when it may be printed, and whether a Print using or incorporating Glowforge Content or Community Content may be used for commercial purposes. For clarity, you may use, distribute, sell, and re-sell Prints using or incorporating (a) your Content at your discretion, and (b) Glowforge Content or Community Content at your discretion unless otherwise restricted by the terms of the Glowforge Content or Community Content. Without limiting any other rights or remedies under these Terms, Glowforge may suspend or terminate access to any Glowforge Content or Community Content if Glowforge no longer has the rights to or believes such Glowforge Content or Community Content could become the subject of an infringement claim. No refunds will be issued for such suspension or termination.