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Just thought I’d post a quick few pics on making some Skadis pegboard accessories. I’ve had this pegboard up for a while but never really used it, since the ‘closet’ it was in didn’t have a dedicated function. But once I got the 3d printer, it worked out perfect as a printer station. So, I decided to do some easy making after the last few bigger projects.

I downloaded some Skadis compatible square and triangle files and printed them off. But wanted to do an overlay on my existing pegboard. So I customized some shapes made some scratch built mounts and threw together a basic geometric pattern.

The custom standoffs are nice as they allow the printed panels to overlay the mounting hardware and hide it. Some of the tester pieces and misc parts.

I’m also making a few more more organic shapes that are Skadis compatible, like the heart in the center of the first pic, and this one, I haven’t printed yet but it’s in the que.

The trick was to make a ‘sheet of holes’ that I can overlay onto various shapes, and or in non-traditional orientations.

Unfortunately, just this project reaches the maximum file size allowed for TinkerCad. So ya, I’m working on which software to move to next as my skills improve and the projects become more involved. But this is getting it done for now.

I’ll also fashion little Skadis compatible holders for one each of the individual ‘Coins’ I made/make from project specific build scrap. Looks like I’ll be making a few blue/red/yellow coins from the Skadis project -

Currently I’m printing a large flower pot I customized for my kid. My longest print time project to date - 1day + 10 hours. Which is why I’m now budgeting for a second printer. ;-).

This project has a large number of filament changes. So I’m gathering the ‘poop’, and undoubtedly there will be some Matcha green, white and black coins in my future as well. :wink:

Although I’ve got some family coming to town, so it might be a while before I get to those.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!



Ah yes, that was the lesson learned on this project.

Don’t try to make the holes. Make the hole shapes a solid, then just turn them into holes. If you start with making the nothingness of a hole, you can add more forever, and you still have nothing.

Life lesson…


I enjoyed your write up! Could make some fun personalizations for your boards . Looks like you’re well on your way.

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