Illuminated Paper Star Tree Topper

Realized we didn’t have a tree topper and so I took a couple of shots at making perforated paper stars today. Ended up with two designs – one “stubby” star that can be cut from a single sheet of paper and folds intuitively. Another more naturally pointed star that has to be assembled from two pieces. Both require some gluing during assembly.

TL:DR – StubbyStar.svg is quick and easy to assemble, BigStar.svg looks more like a traditional holiday star, but take your time putting it together.

Both SVG files posted here for anyone else who wants to try.

Settings — BTW I use 140lb watercolor paper for almost everything – with that >>>
CUT (black lines) is set to 500/100
SCORE (pink lines) is set at 500/25


BigStar_(CutTwoPieces)|690x42Stars|354x500 1 StubbyStar


These look very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice work Tony! Thank you for sharing. :sunglasses:
I love it when I find a need and contrive a fix where the laser figures in the solution!


Exactly! Why buy something for six dollars when I can spend all day making my own version?


Thank you for this very nice topper.

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These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Both of these are lovely! Like how they can fit over a Christmas tree light. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful, thanks so much!

Nice designs – Thanks for sharing.

So nice - thank you for sharing the design!


Very cool share! I love the stubby star, it’s chonky and super cute!


Thanks, very nice!

Can I use the same settings with construction paper?

I suggest doing a bit of experimentation for setting on regular construction paper. Here is a very valuable link that may help you. Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock


Thanks again for sharing. I didn’t have any christmas lights, but wanted to hang a version. So I made a very simple hook that glues into the inside of your lightbulb opening. (Here it is in case anyone is interested – Stubby star Hook.pdf (283.2 KB).) I cut mine out of spare illustration board (because I have too much scrap of it around from other projects), but I would think it would work just as well done from a corner of the sheet of watercolour paper.

Your post (and my cutting a stubby star) reminded me that also has a couple of star box options that I might expolre.


Well done

I love this!! :blush: Thank you so much!

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