Illustrator help - SVG Error message on import

Hello all! I am trying to import an SVG I created on Illustrator. I have used all the troubleshooting that Glowforge recommends from the error message, however I still get an error and I’m not sure how to fix the problem since I don’t know what the problem is? Please help! lol
Thank you!!

Sharing the error you are seeing would be a good starting point.


It just says “This design file has an error”
When I click on the “help center” it recommends
save as SVG - done
make sure to have text outlined with no stroke and fill color to engrave - done
if large file have multiple parts - Its a text only file and not large
send Glowforge an email for help - they are closed until Monday :frowning:

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OK. If it’s just text, can you share it so someone can take a look?


I cannot open this file in AI. Can you share the svg that is giving the error message in the Glowforge interface?


Together is my favorite place

That file loads fine here.

Try a different browser?


It just uploaded into the glowforge. I needed to make the compound path! :confused:
I am a newbie… Thank you all for your support and hopefully someone else will find this helpful! :slight_smile:


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